Hunter Biden is facing 25 years in prison after the jury in his felony gun case handed down guilty verdicts for all three charges. He won’t serve that kind of time, but he is facing some stiff headwinds.

And that is just the beginning because in September, he will be on trial for tax fraud, and that rips open Pandora’s Box, which is his laptop computer that has been verified as real by the folks over at DOJ.

The case in California concerns not paying taxes on millions of dollars that flowed in from foreign entities. Some are referring to Hunter as a lobbyist, meaning he was required to register with the federal government as an agent. He didn’t, and that means he pulled the entire Biden family business out into the light. As a lobbyist, what was being promoted and what was being sold on behalf of The Big Guy?

And that brings me to the press—the compliant national corporate media that has run interference for Joe Biden for five years now—keeping him out of harm’s way and protecting him from the truth of Hunter’s laptop.

And now the truth about his visible mental decline. Joe Biden has become a punchline, and the media is still trying to say he is just fine. Voters know that’s a lie, and 57% in a brand new survey said so.

But that is just one example of the media’s grotesque lies to us all.

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The rescue of four hostages in Gaza speaks to the tenacity of Israel and the IDF. The rescue speaks to the truth of a promise to the people of Israel: that the Jewish state will not forsake her citizens. She will save the living and honor her dead, and no hostage, Jew, Christian, or Muslim, will remain in Gaza. 

The rescue also speaks to a culture of dishonesty among the press.

In the case of Abdullah Al-Jamal, who wrote for Al Jazeera and worked as a spokesman for the Hamas-run labor ministry, the dishonesty is criminal.
Al-Jamal was complicit because three of the hostages were prisoners in his home.

A hack and a mouthpiece, an alleged journalist was a voice for terror and was himself a terrorist.

And because the IDF killed Al-Jamal, the press weeps.

So much for the intelligence of the press, as if the distinction between reporting and activism or covering combat and acting as an enemy combatant is unclear.
Does the press not know the difference between news and advocacy?
Does the press not care that we know the difference?
Perhaps the press needs a refresher, courtesy of President Nixon.
We need a refresher ourselves because Nixon’s advice to Henry Kissinger sounds like an admonition that applies to us.
Never forget that the press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy. The professors are the enemy. Professors are the enemy. Write that on a blackboard 100 times and never forget it.
Write it, text it, recite it.
The press in Gaza is the ally of the enemy, and they are fueling the same violent outbursts we have seen again on the campus of UCLA just this week.

The press in Gaza is the enemy of everything we love because those who hate Israel have no love for us, and those who love death, for they defend jihad and celebrate suicide bombing, hate life, liberty, and justice.

We understand the press better than the press claims to understand us.

Donald Trump knows this, too.
He knows that fake news is the chief product of the media today. For many outlets, it is the only product. When Trump tells them the truth, they deny it right to his face, and this has been the case since 2015.

 MSNBC’s Kristen Welker zealously covered for Nancy Pelosi, basically mocking Trump to his face when he said Pelosi turned down the National Guard presence on January 6.

Any such product is dangerous.

To see news organizations pollute the airwaves and betray the public trust is to know they are dangerous.
To see murderers filing copy and Islamists running newsrooms is to know the press has no interest in the truth.

Those of us who remember the heroism of the press, who revere the memory of Edward R. Murrow and the work of his disciples, the Murrow Boys of CBS News, know better.
We know what it means to tell a story and do it honestly.

We know what it means to get the story, to read and discuss the work of a reporter whom we trust—and for me, I have been doing it for years.

We also know what it means when a reporter knowingly gets the story wrong, when he convicts Israel of everything, and says Hamas is innocent of all charges.

So when CNN says hostages were “released” from Gaza, as if Hamas gave each of the four hostages permission to leave and wished them safe travels, know that the network is lying.
Words matter.
Words are the tools reporters use.
Words are the tools of civilization, the means by which we write laws and express our beliefs. It is how our founding fathers wrote of those truths we hold to be self-evident, the declaration we commit to memory and memorialize on paper, with the signatures of those 56 men who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.
Words are the hope and the life of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.
Words are the last best hope of Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan.
Words are also weapons, for which the classic example is falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing panic.

The law does not protect a man who does such a thing because when words are like deeds—when the wrong word can result in deadly violence—liberty yields to security.

Freedom of speech is sacred, but freedom without security is sacrilegious to the point of suicide.

The same applies to the press because liberty is not a right to commit libel, nor is the Constitution a writ to suspend rights.

In absolutism lies terror.

The absolutism of an unaccountable press is itself unacceptable.

When a reporter goes to war, when he reports from a war zone, the protections he enjoys—his rights under international law—do not end.

He wears his profession on his sleeve—literally.

The word “PRESS” is on his helmet and flak jacket.
The word is on his person.
The word means he belongs to a protected class.
Reporters are not soldiers or hostages.
When, however, a reporter takes up arms and hostages, he ceases to be a reporter, and that is true when the words used are used to aid in a war.

The law does not exempt kidnapping or excuse murder.

If the press wants to write about the enemy, that is their right.

If the press wants to write with sympathy about the enemy, even if the press thinks the enemy is their friend, that is their right, too.

But when the press is the enemy, when the press murders innocents or seizes civilians, we are within our rights to dispatch the enemy with extreme prejudice.
And that’s the way it is on Wednesday, June 12, 2024.