In a move that might make your head spin faster than a pap smear, the Canadian Cancer Society has issued an apology for daring to use the word “cervix” on their website.

Yes, you read that right. According to the Daily Mail, apparently, “cervix” isn’t inclusive enough for some delicate souls, so they’ve kindly suggested swapping it out for the trans-friendly term “front hole” – they can’t possibly risk offending someone by accurately describing human anatomy.

This revelation comes from a “words matter” section on their webpage dedicated to cervical cancer, where the Society groveled over hurting the feelings of non-binary individuals and transgender men who allegedly feel “distanced” from their own anatomical reality.

Never mind that cervical cancer is a serious health issue predominantly affecting individuals with actual cervixes.

Meanwhile, amidst this linguistic acrobatics, cervical cancer remains a real threat, often caused by HPV, treatable through various medical interventions, none of which involve changing the name of body parts.

In response, social media erupted with disbelief, rightly mocking the absurdity of prioritizing political correctness over public health. Unfortunately, even when it comes to cancer, to the woke crowd, semantics are more critical than saving lives.

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So, here’s a friendly PSA: whether you call it a cervix, a front hole, or even a purple polka-dotted rainbow unicorn, the fact remains – cancer doesn’t care what it’s called. And maybe, just maybe, we should focus on that rather than changing terminology.