In a dazzling display of how to pervert disaster relief into a political boondoggle, President Joe Biden’s USDA has been forced to put its racially discriminatory handouts on hold.

Yes, you heard it right: the administration’s attempt to play Santa Claus based on skin color and gender has hit a rather predictable snag – the United States Constitution.

Need disaster help? What color and race are you asks the Biden administration?

Picture this: farmers devastated by floods, hurricanes, and a pandemic, hoping for a lifeline, only to discover that their chance of receiving aid depends more on their ethnicity and gender than their actual needs.

This isn’t some dystopian fiction; it’s Biden’s USDA at work. It’s Biden’s DISGUSTING political hacks at work.

Racist and sexist handouts put on hold with injunction.

But alas, according to a report out of Just the News, a federal court in Texas has finally said, “Enough is enough,” issuing a nationwide injunction to stop this disgusting farce. That’s right. No more big checks being sent out by the Biden administration to buy votes.

In the Strickland v. Vilsack case, white farmers, who apparently still naively believed in that old- fashioned idea of “equal treatment under the law,” had to ask the court for an emergency injunction.

$25 billion in reparations and vote buying shot to heck.

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The lawsuit rightly pointed out that natural disasters don’t discriminate – and neither should disaster relief programs. But Biden’s USDA, armed with about $25 billion in Congress-approved aid, concocted a system to award funds based on race and gender. Because, you know, nothing says “fairness” like deciding your eligibility based on traits you can’t control.

The group claimed that the USDA engaged in discrimination by categorizing farmers who belong to certain racial or gender identities, such as Black/African-American, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, or women, as “socially disadvantaged.” Subsequently, they alleged that these individuals received more financial support than those not classified as “underserved,” despite engaging in similar activities.

“Equal” treatment is not something the Democrats want.

The farmers say in their lawsuit, “The Constitution promises equal treatment to all Americans regardless of their race or sex. It also promises the separation of powers. USDA broke both promises through the disaster and pandemic relief programs challenged here.”

The injunction issued amidst this racially charged controversy stemmed from a lawsuit that spurred action from the Mountain States Legal Foundation and the Southeastern Legal Foundation. This development is being hailed by those groups, who stress the significance of constitutional rights and fair treatment – values the Democrats consider to be old-fashioned.

Merit? What’s that?

The court’s injunction is a victory for those who believe that merit and need should dictate disaster relief, not the color of your skin or your gender. It’s a sharp rebuke to the USDA’s evil attempt at social engineering.

The Southeastern Legal Foundation, in their statement, pointed out that this isn’t the first time the USDA has tried to push such discriminatory programs. You’d think they’d learn after getting their knuckles rapped in court, but old habits die hard.

Equity is where it’s at for the leftists.

Let’s pause to appreciate the irony here – and it’s an irony that’s on display every day in most things that Democrats do: The Biden administration, which prides itself on promoting equality, got caught red-handed trying to divide aid based on race and gender.

But then again, they don’t actually promote equality, they promote EQUITY and they promote their party’s agenda to get votes. And this is what this is all about.