Actions speak louder than words is the age-old axiom that really applies to the Democrats today. I say that because just last Thursday, the left-wing propaganda machines at MSNBC, CNN, and all the major networks were pushing out a steady stream of anti-Trump stories and celebrating the 34 make believe felony convictions that they were counting on to bring his candidacy to an end.

But in recent weeks, it had become clear that it was not likely to move the needle in the close race for the White House, and other big issues like the cost of eating and keeping a roof over one’s head were more likely to motivate voters.

Despite repeated claims by the Biden team, the financial pressure on Americans is not getting any better. They can point to low unemployment and higher wages, but when everything costs up to 50% more, there isn’t much refuge for average folks in the economic storm.

So, the Democrats were counting on the Trump trial in Manhattan to deliver them from the evil of their own failed policies. They were counting on Trump getting convicted and voters saying they would no longer support his return to the White House.

Then the verdicts came along—and instead of people fleeing the Trump campaign, they did something totally unexpected. They sent every dollar they could—and almost a third of those giving money had never done so. This was the Democrats’ political canary dying in Donald Trump’s gold mine.

What came was not ordinary by any measure—a flood of money into the Trump campaign, a surge of biblical proportions. Nearly $55 million was raised in the first 24 hours alone—and the money kept pouring in all weekend. We have some strong indications that not only did the Trump campaign make up its cash deficit with the Biden campaign, but they may have surpassed the Democrats in fundraising. That sent a shock wave through the political power brokers on the left—leaving them stunned and ready to break glass because this is now an emergency.

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The verdicts came as expected; the reactions, however, did not!
Nothing they try has knocked Trump down, and certainly nothing has knocked him out of the race. By many metrics, it appears he has grown stronger than ever.

So, the Democrats had to pivot and fast. The one issue that has rivaled the concerns over the sluggish economy and massive inflation since Joe Biden took office has been the biblical flood of humanity over our southern border. By some estimates, over 15 million people, many of whom have never been vetted, have poured in since Joe was sworn in.

Concerns with the open border and the crime that comes with it were certainly at the top of the list. The biggest indication yet of the Democrats’ panic came when it was announced that Biden would sign a new executive order to limit who will be allowed in.

Yes, we are told that later today, Biden will sign an executive order to close the border, at least in part—something he repeatedly said he could not do.

And this makes it clear that Biden and company know their whole prosecute Trump strategy has failed spectacularly.

They would not be going to an emergency strategy of executive orders on the border unless they had no other choice. But with only five months left before Election Day—will it even make a difference?

I think it’s too little too late—every day, we pay the price in our overflowing schools, strained city services, and with heartbreaking cases like Laken Riley and Ruby Garcia—young women brutally murdered by men in this country illegally.

That is just the beginning.

In the bluest of cities, in the bluest of states, the public sentiment has shifted markedly to the point that places like New York show Joe Biden with only a seven-point lead in the polls—and did you ever think you would see that?

Americans have made it clear for a very long time that they do not support the open border policies of this administration, and they do not believe the likes of Alejandro Mayorkas when he says the border is secure.
That is a lie, and we all know it.

People see what is happening—even if the New York Times and the folks at MSNBC paint a rosy picture or don’t cover it at all, the local media does. People in neighborhoods talk—from New York to Chicago, Americans are not buying it.

And that’s why they are going to wheel out the feeble old man in front of the cameras to make some grand gesture about closing the border. Of course, he canceled 93 executive orders from Donald Trump on the border while claiming he could do nothing to stop the flow.
Yes, the guilty verdicts against Donald Trump didn’t deliver—so now Joe and his team are trying another emergency route.
But again—I think it is too late.
Even if the big networks ignore the problems of an open border, the local news doesn’t, and remember, all politics is local.