In the grand theater of American politics, Democrats spend more of their time on marketing their agenda and their party (lying) than they do governing. That’s because what they stand for and the policies they support are actually un-American and unpopular. What they do only benefits the Democratic Party, their wealth and power, not the American people.

But in order to hold onto their power, they have to get rid of any obstacles in their path. One man in particular stands in their way: Donald J. Trump.

And as everyone realizes, the Democrats will do what they have to do in order to take Trump down, the rule of law, the Constitution and the very United States be damned. If they have to destroy America (which is actually their goal anyway) in order to take Trump down, they will do so.

Targeted lawfare: Dems’ legal assault on Trump.

One of their ways to remove Trump from their orbit (and anyone else’s) is targeted lawfare. And even though not one of their lawsuits against Trump has actual merit and would go their way in a fair trial, they press on – because all they need is a supportive judge and a TDS jury full of Trump haters (or opportunists who will write books about their experience) and they will end up with the trial outcome that they want.

That’s exactly what happed in New York in Trump’s “hush money” case. And then after the former prez was ridiculously convicted, the Democrats got the narrative that they wanted – the one they will use for all time to come – telling everyone that Trump is a criminal.

Headline: Trump, the “first former American president to be convicted of felony crimes.”

“Trump is a felon!” they cry. Surely, American voters can’t vote for a felon!

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Surely, we don’t give a crap what they indict or convict Trump on – or how many times they impeach him.

After Trump’s conviction, Democrats’ leftist supporters in the media started furiously typing articles and op-eds and tweeted (X-ed) like their lives depended on it. “Felon! Felon! Felon!” they have been screaming. “A threat to democracy!”

The rest of us respond, “Look in the mirror, pal. We’re already there.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats are the REAL threat to the country.

There has been no bigger threat to our freedoms and our way of life than dictator Joe Biden and his Obama administration mob pals. Everything they accuse Trump of wanting to do is exactly what they are currently doing.

So, what’s Trump to do? It’s time he flipped the script and started calling President Joe Biden what he truly is: an “unconvicted felon.”

The Democrats, with their polished holier-than-thou attitudes, have mastered the art of selective memory and strategic outrage – taken to branding Trump with every unsavory label in the book including the newly-minted “felon.”

Their collective glee is palpable as they savor Trump’s conviction and his so-called “crime” like a fine wine. Yet, when it comes to Biden, they’re about as silent as a church mouse on Christmas Eve.

It’s time for Trump to turn the tables on them.

The untouchable Democrats need to be called out.

Biden (and all Dems really) can commit any crimes they want, perform any abominations against the rule of law or the Constitution and it’s all okey-dokey. They can enrich their families by threatening and bribing other countries into doing what they want and it’s okey-dokey. The Clintons and the Biden’s have mastered the art of that game.

It’s time to make that a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign. It’s time to paint Biden as an unconvicted felon and his Democrat enablers as unindicted coconspirators.

So many despicable Democrats, so many un-prosecuted crimes…

Let’s consider just one piece of evidence in our favor to prove that the Dems are untouchable, especially when they commit election fraud, election-rigging and election interference.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, once dismissed as a Russian disinformation campaign (including by a bunch of liars in our former intelligence community), has turned out to be more of a smoking gun than a red herring. Not that we needed confirmation, but the laptop has been proven to be legitimate and is being used in Hunter’s gun trial.

In it, there are emails, business dealings, and incriminating photos that would make a tabloid editor blush. Yet, the mainstream media covers for Biden like he’s their geriatric golden child. And when information on the laptop went public less than a month before the Biden/Trump election, the media and the Dems lied about it. The media censored those trying to share the information as well. They were “all in” on helping elect Biden. Truth was not going to take down Joe Biden – not on their watch.

Our law enforcement agencies are treasonous.

So the FBI and the rest of the leftist liars sat on information that would sink any other politician faster than the Titanic. And why? Because Biden belongs to the elite protected class, where accountability is just a word in the dictionary, far removed from reality.

So…what is the answer to the uneven world of politics in a Trump vs. Biden rematch? Trump needs to start calling Biden an “unconvicted felon” and the perfect time to launch that salvo is at the upcoming presidential debate.

The meltdown in liberal media circles would be nothing short of spectacular. The same pundits who relish in calling Trump a criminal would be tripping over their thesauruses trying to find a polite way to say, “But, but, Biden is a nice guy!” Anderson Cooper might just faint, while Rachel Maddow would probably have to be sedated.

Biden: a long history of lies and corruption…

The truth is, Biden’s track record has been far from squeaky clean for decades. From his plagiarism scandal in the ’80s to his cozying up with shady Ukrainian businessmen while his son Hunter was raking in millions, there’s enough material to keep a true crime podcast running for years. And yet, the Democratic machine and their media continue to ignore these issues.

Biden family’s financial entanglements, bank records showing suspicious transactions, whistleblower testimonies, and a trail of cash that seems to conveniently stop just short of Joe Biden’s doorstep: it’s all uninteresting to the DOJ and the leftist media…

If Trump or any other Republican had even a whiff of this kind of scandal, they’d be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff by now. But not Biden. No, he gets to bumble his way through press conferences, secure in the knowledge that his pals in the media and the higher-ups in law enforcement have his back – at least as long as he is useful to him.

There might be a time in the near future when Obama and the Dems running the show finally cut bait. Give Joe the old heave go… tell Jilly that their reign of tyranny is over. That time can’t come soon enough for most of us.