In a dramatic display of discontent, thousands of former Biden supporters stormed the gates of the White House on Saturday, venting their frustration over President Biden’s handling of the Israel- Hamas conflict.

Was it called an “insurrection”? Were folks jailed if they were even in the vicinity? Were their rights trampled over and their bank accounts illegally spied on? Well, of course not. After all, they are NOT Trump supporters.

Anti-Israel protesters are not backing down, and if history is any indication, their actions may become increasingly violent.

The weekend protest was marked by a fervent demand for a ceasefire in Gaza, a call that has gone unheeded despite persistent pressure from left-leaning activists.

The demonstrators who belong to an American intifada, many donning checkered keffiyeh scarves, carried a two-mile-long red banner, symbolizing what they called “the people’s red line” for a ceasefire – a stark critique of Biden’s inaction.

Biden is their target.

Their chants of “Biden, Biden you can’t hide, we are your red line” echoed through the streets, though they may not have realized that Biden was in France for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day celebrations.

One protester from the Palestinian Youth Movement emphasized the intent behind the demonstration: “The intention is to draw a red line where Biden won’t draw one when it comes to Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and say we as the people are drawing the red line today to say enough is enough.”

Always defacing statues.

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The protest saw a range of actions, from throwing smoke flares to defacing statues and monuments, with participants experiencing a notably lenient response from law enforcement compared to past conservative or pro-Trump rallies. A particularly macabre prop – a bloody mask resembling Biden’s head – added to the charged atmosphere.

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager reported on Sunday that the protesters had set up an encampment on the Ellipse outside of the White House.

Not much of a response by law enforcement to get rid of the threat.

Jon Nicosia, former managing editor of Mediaite, expressed his dismay on social media, highlighting the perceived inaction of federal agencies: “9/11. 23 years of being strip searched though TSA to get on a jet. The Patriot Act. FISA courts. ‘Terror alert’ color codes for 10 years after 9/11 and we end up in 2024 with terrorists in the open ACROSS the street from the White House and our FBI/Secret Service DO NOTHING.”

Yup. NOTHING. That’s because even though they probably won’t be Biden voters, they ARE Democrats. And Democrats must be protected.

Protesters are not fighting for their own best interests.

The protest brought together various left-wing groups, including some with seemingly contradictory messages. Signs like “F*gs for Hamas” highlighted the irony, given the Islamic world’s stringent anti- homosexual stance.

Organizers of the protest, such as Shut it Down for Palestine, criticized Biden’s failure to stop military aid to Israel. Their website outlined clear demands: “We demand an immediate ceasefire, an immediate end to the siege on Gaza, the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners, and an end to the occupation of Palestine,” the group stated on its website. “Stop the Genocide! We are the red line! Free Palestine.”

Biden’s fear: His antisemite base will sit out the election.

This protest highlights the growing dissatisfaction among former Biden voters, who feel betrayed by his administration’s continued support for Israel. It’s a concerning trend that the Biden administration has to figure out, taking into consideration that the “uncommitted” political movement in Michigan resulted in more than 100K votes cast in protest of Biden’s support for Israel.

The question now is whether these voices will prompt any change in U.S. policy because Biden desperately needs vote – or if the antisemites will continue to echo unanswered through the streets of Washington, D.C and in other cities across the country.

For now, the Biden administration is pushing back against some of the disgusting-ness of the protesters. Times of Israel reports that White House deputy spokesperson Andrew Bates said, “President Biden has always been clear that every American has the right to peacefully express their views. But he has also always been clear that antisemitism, violent rhetoric, and endorsing murderous terrorist organizations like Hamas is repugnant, dangerous and against everything we stand for as a country.”

Yikes. His antisemitic voters aren’t going to like that much.