I will get to all the Trump trial news, but I was just caught up looking at social media, and the headlines and comments really bothered me. The woke crowd was really getting under my skin, more than usual.

I am a certified adult when it comes to activities involving the Boy Scouts of America. I was recently certified in wilderness medicine, along with my wife Ivey, so that I can be more fully prepared for long backpacking and camping outings with the Boy Scouts.

My brother was an Eagle Scout, and I was in scouting when I was younger, too—at some point, the scoutmaster encouraged me to find other things to do with my time that might be a bit more productive.

But be that as it may, my son is now in Boy Scouts, and he has really enjoyed all of the activities. He is looking forward to the big trips this summer and next year that will involve long adventures into the wilderness and backcountry backpacking.

So, when I saw the headline that, after 115 years, the Boy Scouts had decided to change their name, I was shocked. I was outraged when I found out why—and I still am.

I have no issue at all with girls being members of the Boy Scouts. In some places, there aren’t any alternatives, and I would certainly want my daughter to be involved if that was the only option. I would never frown on girls hauling a pack, splitting wood, or teaching how to tie 15 different knots that she learned while earning a merit badge.

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But in pursuit of political correctness—no. In pursuit of being properly woke—the Boy Scouts of America have changed their name to accommodate people who want to be their “true selves.”

Yes, the Boy Scouts of America decided to change their name to Scouting America so the organization can be “more inclusive.”

Frankly, I have no idea what that means. After all, it was already allowed to accept girls—so why the name change?

The explanation is that they are trying to address the record low enrollment by making the name more inclusive.

So, another institution that stood up for things that mattered, like doing your best and being prepared, has been run over by the runaway culture warriors in pursuit of some strange Nirvana that they are never going to find.

Boy Scout’s CEO said membership is down. Does he really think this is the path to redemption? Is changing your name and dumping your 115-year heritage the way to get there?

I don’t think so.

This is just one example of what is getting ground up and spit out by the so-called culture warriors that are demanding DEI, ESG, and mandatory compliance on using preferred pronouns, which, of course, will be in the new Scouting America handbook; I am quite certain.

Here’s the thing: if a conservative doesn’t want to do something, they don’t, but if a woke liberal doesn’t want to do something—they demand nobody is allowed to do it.

If I don’t want to drive a gas-powered car, I get a Tesla, but a woke liberal demands all gas-powered cars be eliminated.
If I don’t want to eat meat, I can be a vegan if I want. A woke liberal demands all meat be banned.

This is the woke liberal tyranny we are seeing every single day with no end in sight.

Bill Gates is campaigning to end cows and farming!

Yes, we must stop these crazy cows with those strange stomachs. You know, the ones that have roamed the planet since before mankind? Yeah, those treacherous cows must be stopped before they fart us and the whole planet into ex-stink-tion!

What about all the other farm animals? Are they ok? No, don’t be stupid. Pigs are out, and so are lambs and chickens, of course. They could be spreading Disease X—so they should be eradicated, too, in the name of environmental and planetary justice.

But this is just the beginning, my friends, because being woke means tearing down all the institutions and all the norms and replacing them with whatever the socialists demand next.

And yes, I have some things to go through.

New York just announced a multi-billion dollar grant exclusively for non-white-owned businesses.

Just so you understand—we eliminate racism by enforcing and rewarding racist policies with billions of dollars from the taxpayers—got it?
If you don’t understand, well, that’s most likely because you are a White Supremacist—which, by the way, doesn’t even require you to be white anymore—how convenient is that?

If you refuse to open your door to people who came into the country illegally and may not have even had a simple criminal background check or a health exam, it’s most likely because you are a horrible human being who should be in diversity training immediately.

Just because they are complete strangers that don’t speak English is no excuse for you to be racist! You are such a boomer most days!

And if you don’t support the mutilation of kids at the behest of those same kids, you are an insensitive Neanderthal and should seek counseling immediately to treat your deep-seated whiteness.

I learned yesterday while poking around in cyber-space that there are new ways to earn your Scouting America merit badge for bigotry. There are ones I have never even thought about—and I am guessing you haven’t either.

Not wanting to date fat people is now fatphobic and bigoted!

The good news is that your local public school is almost certainly fixing the problem of being bigoted and small-minded during daily school hours. I can assure you, things are going on that would have you staring blankly and going. What the Eff is that about?
Some students in Massachusetts were taken out by the school to paint rainbow crosswalks! How educational!
But never fear my friends; I am willing to report and raise the red flag about what is going on—and thankfully, I am not alone.

Oklahoma’s State School Superintendent is suing the Biden administration to stop trans athletes from invading female spaces.

So, today’s lesson is to get educated, learn what is happening, and get involved—it’s not too late, but time is getting short.

Today, we are earning our Common Sense merit badge. And in that regard, I am already an Eagle Scout.