With the Biden administration throwing a whopping $80 billion into the IRS’s piggy bank, it’s not just audits that are set to surge – it’s the potential for political witch hunts, too.

With a partisan White House and an IRS to do their bidding – and some supportive AI to help them out – they are planning to double down on audits for the “rich” and mega-corporations. And we all know who the targets will be – their political enemies.

First, they will start with the “wealthy.”

The Democrats will be going after the wealthiest Americans over the next three tax years according to the Daily Mail but it’ll definitely be certain ones for sure. They sure as heck won’t be targeting their Democrat donors. They certainly won’t be looking into anything that George Soros is up to, that’s for sure. Or Jeff Bezos or Michael Bloomberg or any other pals that they depend on for funding or other support. And definitely not any of their Democrat media buddies or celebrities who give them free “advertising.”

And while the Dems try to frame their “noble” efforts as nabbing tax cheats, let’s call a spade a spade: it’s a golden opportunity for Democrats to take aim at their political foes.

On the long list of targets for the Democrats to audit:

Soon to be audited (and this is just a small list): Trump, Trump’s family, Trump’s friends, Trump donors, Trump’s partners, Trump supporters, Republican voters, libertarians, business owners who have contributed to Republicans, elected Republicans, folks who own oil companies, abortion opponents, anti-climate change organizations, and anyone connected to selling guns. Just to name a few.

I’m sure you get the picture here. We know how the game is played and we all understand that the game WILL be played.

The Democrats have already proven that they’re okay going down this road…

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The Dems already did this (IRS shenanigans) during the Obama years with Lois Lerner targeting anti- Democrat political groups who were applying for tax-exempt status i.e. the Tea Party folks. It was a grand election rigging scheme by Obama – his first one – where he decided to intimidate and “terrorize” conservatives and conservative non-profits and squash their organizations so they couldn’t participate in the political process.

In fact, according to Wayne Allyn Root who wrote in the Gateway Pundit recently, he says, “When I went public and exposed Obama on Fox News, guess what happened next? Hundreds of GOP donors who had written checks to Mitt Romney’s campaign, contacted me to say they were also victims of IRS attacks only days after writing a check to Romney. You know what this means?”

Winning elections at all costs and destroying their enemies.

Yep. We know what that means. The Dems will do what they need to do to win elections. They always do.

And there is NO ONE and NOTHING to stop their IRS friends from going after us now that they have the staff and money to do so. Sure they say they’re going to concentrate on the “rich” but that will get boring after a while. That’s when they’ll come after the rest of us.

You won’t be safe no matter what your income is.

Yes, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel wants us to believe that the little guy making under $400,000 a year won’t feel the heat. But let’s not forget that audits aren’t just about crunching numbers; they’re about power, control, and most importantly a sprinkle of political vendetta. And the Dems have plenty of enemies that they are going to need to crush.

Even if the Democrats DO spend most of the time concentrating on the “mega rich,” it’s those folks who are keeping the country going by producing products and services – and employing us. And like I pointed out, the Democrats will be selective about exactly which mega rich folks they target.

An example of who their targets will be:

Picture this: you’re a wealthy mogul who has created more jobs than Biden, but you’re also a Catholic who donates to anti-abortion organizations, you don’t have an electric car, your brother owns a gun shop and your wife is a school board member who won’t allow transgender books in her school. WOW. You’ll be one of the first guys or gals to be on the IRS list for an audit for sure.

Yes, suddenly you will find that your tax returns are under the IRS microscope, and every deduction is scrutinized like it’s the last episode of a crime drama. Coincidence? Not even close. Sorry, Charlie (or Charlene) – pay up or get thrown in the clink.

Right next to Trump (they hope!)