Consider the prefix “-un,” meaning not, as in unfair, unfit, and unjust.

Consider the unbelievable testimony of an individual like Michael Cohen, the disgraced disbarred lawyer for Donald Trump.

However, I want to focus on the unreliable and unfit body of work from the United Nations.

We must reconsider our relationship with the UN because the institution is worthless and dangerous to America.

The institution is dangerous to promoting truth because the UN lets a big lie—a blood libel—get halfway around the world before the truth can respond.

Look how the UN halves the number of women and children killed in Gaza because Hamas lies. This is not news. It is the way terrorist organizations operate—and for the UN that was designed to prevent one thing, violence—they have failed miserably for 70-plus years.
The unethical and unprofessional character of the UN demands our attention.

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We should end our support for the UN and have the UN go abroad searching for monsters to join the organization in the future.

In a word, privatize the UN. Keep the buildings, develop the land, and return the profits to the people of America. After all, we have been footing the bill for their ongoing failures since the end of World War Two, and nobody expects them to suddenly start making a real positive difference in the world.
In short, I suggest we keep the UN out of the U.S.

We pay $18 billion to the UN annually—and for what?

In return, the UN stymies our allies and strengthens alliances among our enemies.

The chorus of those suggesting we leave the United Nations is growing louder. From Donald Trump to some of his fiercest rivals, they agree on this point.

All the while, we wait for the translation as words of condemnation become condemnations in the form of
UN resolutions, as the worst violators of human rights, dare to judge us and our allies guilty of crimes against humanity.

At the same time, more than half the member states are guilty of the high crime of hypocrisy, of falsely praising freedom without promoting or protecting it.

We pay China, Zimbabwe, Syria, South Africa, and Iran to lecture us. We pay Venezuela to oppose us. And we pay Qatar to undermine us.
Better for us to shop around because New York City has no shortage of people who will abuse us for a lot less money. Look at NYU or Columbia—you can get America haters for a much better price—ask George Soros, and he can explain.

Better for us to shop the land the UN sits on. It’s 18 acres of prime Manhattan real estate—what do you think that is worth?

The buildings are the exception to Winston Churchill’s rule about architecture: we shape our buildings, and afterward, our buildings shape us.
Take, for instance, the United Nations Secretariat Building.
A model of the International Style, the building stands like a steel and glass monolith, with the East River on one side and First Avenue on the other. The building is elegant because it is simple. Still, a simple design is too complex for a majority of the UN’s 193 member states to understand.

The design evokes rationalism in thought and action, similar to order in law, with justice for all. It evokes peace and dignity without inspiring Yemen to pursue it or Sudan to practice it. The design is untranslatable to dictators, tyrants, and theocrats.

The design works better as a luxury private residence.

The land alone is worth billions, perhaps as much or more than we pay the UN each year.

Let Donald Trump develop the land or designate the land as a national park, whose monuments include the Secretariat Building and the General Assembly Building.

We already have the means to move the UN. We have the bandwidth, too.

If the UN does its business online, members can do the same work, the make-work of the professional class, for less money.

Let the UN conduct its proceedings on Zoom, which is how high school students participate in Model UN.

Or is the UN too good to be transparent and thus exempt from the oversight we exercise, or at least are supposed to in all other matters?
Or maybe the UN cannot afford to be transparent, as the sins of the past, of a former Security General whose past is nothing but a series of mortal sins, continue to stain this purported institution of peace.

Maybe the legacy of Kurt Waldheim, under whose “leadership” the UN declared Zionism to be a form of racism, makes the UN unqualified to do anything.

Maybe the UN should pay us reparations—there’s a thought!
We need to stop paying the UN ransom, and we need to stop paying it now.

If, for example, a narco-state wants to chair a committee on drugs and crime or a terrorist state wants to join a committee against torture, we should not have to pay the cost.

We pay the cost outside the UN because we live in the real world—not the world of security details and subsidized housing, but the world with its manifold transgressors and manifest opportunists, for most of the world is neither safe nor free.

You know, The UN deserves better tenants.

We can attract new tenants to this address.

We can find better tenants than North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Chad.
We can annex the land without firing a shot because the land is here; the land belongs to us.

Yet the land is a staging and training ground for America’s enemies.
The land is a sanctuary, and New York is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens with diplomatic passports.

We have a moral duty to acknowledge this fact, for it is a fact that the UN is not our friend.

It is also a fact that the UN is untrustworthy, based on its record of misinformation and its use of false information.

We do not have to end the UN.
We need not try to end the UN either.
However, we do have to end our involvement in the UN. Under new management, the buildings will be just as impressive, if not more impressive!

The flags will come down, too.
We will lower them with respect, return them to their respective missions, and let them take care of them.
We will raise our flag instead.
This is our pledge of one nation under God. This is our duty to the republic for which we stand at the ready. This is our responsibility.

We are citizens of the United States. We have an obligation to act like citizens.

Let us also remember clearly that the United Nations has a flag but no country and that it has workers but no citizens.

Let us return, ladies and gentlemen, to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Let us go home and leave this wretched and failed institution exactly where it belongs—on the trash heap of history.
God Bless America!