The trial of former President Donald J. Trump is an ominous warning that we’re all future defendants.

That is not hyperbole or an overstatement—it is, unfortunately, the state of affairs in 2024.

The rule of law, the constitution, and the foundational principles of this country have all been tossed out in the political bloodlust to tear down an ideology and replace it with another forever.

And believe me, if they can do this to a billionaire former President, what chance will you ever have when the government comes calling?

As I have been talking about lately—one of the dark omens on the horizon can be found to our north in the nation of Canada.

Under the iron-fisted rule of Justin Trudeau, pastors were jailed during the pandemic for holding Sunday services. Truckers were ripped from their rigs for protesting the vile assaults on liberty across Canada. Many remain jailed today—their bank accounts frozen, their freedom eliminated, and their futures stolen because they had the gall to disagree with the government’s radical anti-freedom agenda.

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In this country, that is exactly what the prosecution of Donald Trump represents. It is a complete and intentional departure from the rule of the law to the mob rule—and the mob doesn’t care how it gets what it wants as long as it gets it.

They have demonstrated what they are willing to do.

They will pack up pallets of documents and ship them to the former president’s Mar-A-Lago home—then raid it as if he was a common criminal to search for the very boxes of documents shipped there by government agencies and then proclaim that he has violated the National Archives rules and worse—so much worse than that—he has piles of classified documents in his possession. They claim that having the documents he was fully entitled to have as president is now illegal—and they hammer him with dozens of felonies.

They will dredge up some crazy old windbag from New York City and claim she has been defamed when Donald Trump says not only did he not assault her in any way—especially sexually—but that her claims prove she is nuts—and then they nail him for defaming her.

I mean, under these rules, you are not allowed to call a liar a liar, even if they are.

In yet another case, they will ignore the statute of limitations and cobble together a case that suggests paying someone not to spread an ugly story about you is now a crime—but they cannot say exactly what the crime is. Then they will parade an over-the-hill porn star to taint the jury, and then they will call the former Trump lawyer to have him smear the man in court too.
All the while, they bar him from speaking and threaten him with getting tossed in jail if he violates the violation of free speech he is dealing with.

This is why on CNN, the far-left commentator and Joe Biden supporter Fareed Zakharia says the only reason Donald Trump is being prosecuted in New York is because his name is Donald Trump.
You see, what can’t be prosecuted criminally will be pursued civilly, and vice-versa. Where both can be pursued, they will be. 
Time for insurers to sell criminal and civil defense policies to conservatives.

But the whole charade is failing when it comes to American voters—at least the ones who bother to pay attention.

For Donald Trump, the parade of high-profile defenders is getting longer. They are appearing in person to see what the circus looks like, and they are not impressed.

Vivek Ramaswamy says the real investigation needs to be into Judge Merchan’s family receiving millions of dollars “as a Democratic operative.”

In fact, Mike Johnson, a guy who has been tattered by his own party, recently stopped by for some redemption and to defend the man who came to his defense in recent weeks. He pointed out how obviously political this prosecution is, given that we are six months from election day.

Meanwhile, the leftist media tried its best to prop up the star witness in this crazy show trial—but even those on the far left have a lot of problems trying to convince themselves this is a good look for anybody.

So there you are—the former president is on trial, and the way things are going, you could find yourself treated that way, too, unless we can bring this out-of-control situation back into the realm of the rule of law.

Meanwhile, doing what he can to connect with voters while being handcuffed by an obviously corrupt system that keeps him off the campaign trail, the former President took shots at the man whose agents are behind all of this lawfare—the man he plans to replace in January. Trump spoke briefly on Biden’s tariff flip-flip and the state of the auto industry.

All of these games from the left are benefitting Donald Trump and the honest people in this country more than anyone.

Let’s hope it stays that way.