The case against Donald Trump—whatever it actually is—continues to fall apart in New York City, but the government is stubborn and determined to devise something that might stick.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg would take anything at this point to save face. So far, however, they are coming up short, and even prosecution witnesses have appeared to undercut whatever case they thought they had put together.

Despite key witnesses’ failures on the stand, they are plowing forward, and now the government says it needs a lot more time to prove its case—which clearly keeps President Trump off the campaign trail.

This follows another fine for Trump for violating the gag order. It actually happened on my TV network, America’s Voice, back on April 22. While issuing his rebuke of the 45th President, Judge Juan Merchan threatened to throw Trump in jail if he kept doing what he had been doing.

And I say do it!

Nothing would build Trump up in the polls bigger and faster than some garbage attack for allegedly violating an absolutely ridiculous gag order, to begin with.

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Then, after all of that, the judge ended early today—and that had Trump fuming as well—as the prosecution is asking for more time but cannot fill what they have now.

With the judge sending everyone home early, it makes me wonder what they are really up to. If this case is so air-tight, rock-solid, and so damned important, you need to be working late—not quitting early.

Allies of the former president are equally incensed about the trial, the double standards, and the lack of any actual charge.

It is also one of the reasons Donald Trump’s polling numbers continue to be strong and why he is leading in all of the so-called swing states. People in this country don’t like it when the deck is stacked. They don’t like it when one group of people is treated one way by the justice system while others get very different treatment.

The effort to keep Trump off the campaign trail is one that has been effective—but with almost nothing positive to campaign on, the Democrats are still spinning their wheels, and the traction is not getting any better.

And it’s all the same issues that have turned voters against the senile old man in the White House.

The economy is the biggest concern to most voters. The open border is almost as important and a bigger concern than the economy to a whole bunch of folks, too.

And one of the things that doesn’t get as much attention is the rising crime in America. The Democrats will try to tell you violent crime is at an all-time low—but that is a blatant lie, and they know it. The reason crime is being touted as a success is because the Democrats and their minions have stopped reporting a whole host of crimes and convictions—and when you don’t report crime—it’s almost like it didn’t happen.

It is just another dishonest political maneuver to keep people in the dark.

And the kinds of crimes being committed should not be happening most of the time—but defunding the police and then having no cash bail means fewer people are caught and arrested for committing crimes, and even if they are, the far-left anti-American prosecutors put them right back out on the streets to terrorize ordinary citizens.

And then they lie about how many crimes are committed because people are flowing over Joe Biden’s wide-open southern border and claim that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than people who are born here—which is not true either. Law enforcement officials at the Texas border are noting a definite rise in crimes involving migrants.

And then, in the ultimate effort to hide these failures from Americans, they are going to keep shuffling the migrants around. Chicago is moving migrants to the South Side to get them out of view before the DNC Convention.

And if you think that is all bad—I have one more juicy morsel for you from your socialist friends. There are plans to fly thousands of Gazans to America, maybe. Remember, Egypt, among others, is not letting them in. Senator Tom Cotton says the idea would be “the height of folly,” and I agree.