In the latest chapter of the never-ending Trump-Biden saga, AKA the 2024 Presidential Showdown, Donald Trump continues leading Joe Biden in Michigan in most of the polls.

You heard that right: the guy who’s been impeached twice, sued, lied about, harassed, bullied and targeted since he announced his run for the presidency on June 16, 2015 after coming down the golden escalator at Trump Tower in New York City, is still ahead of President Dementia, less than six months away from the presidential election.

MAGA is still the campaign slogan.

Trump’s speech back then could be used again right now especially the phrase, “Our country is in serious trouble.” It’s also the reason he doesn’t really have a new campaign slogan. It’s still MAGA because MAGA is what the people want and what Democrats don’t want – which has been clear to see, especially since Biden became president.

Trump should be a LOT more ahead in the polling.

Unfortunately, Trump’s lead does not reflect the landslide polling numbers that should be happening when you have a current president who is presiding over (and has created) huge inflationary numbers, an increase in crime, border chaos, a war on American energy, unconstitutional edicts, censorship, political targeting by law and intelligence agencies and more.

No, despite Biden’s impressive “achievements,” he’s not down 20 points in the polling like he should be if reality reigned supreme. Trump’s lead is a tepid 3% at best, according to 270 To Win, and only 0.8% according to FiveThirtyEight.

Biden starts out the game ahead with illegal alien votes that isn’t in the polling.

Yes, apparently, even after turning the southern border into a revolving door and making sure our grocery bill feels like we’re shopping for a family of twelve, Biden is still in the game. The problem is that Trump does need to start out way ahead to offset the Democratic cheating machine (otherwise referred to by me as the “Election Protection Team”) which includes a massive number of votes already banked by the illegal aliens who will be voting for Biden.

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The Hill’s Decision Desk HQ also analyzed 49 polls to give Trump a slight edge of 48.2% to Biden’s 46.6%. Apparently, this slim margin has been in place since October even with Biden’s approval ratings in the tank and the youth anti-Israel vote abandoning him.

Many other issues need to be taken into consideration.

However, not thrown into the mix in most of the polls is RFK’s appearance on the ballot. Between Kennedy’s impressive polling numbers and the “uncommitted” pro-Palestinian votes which will likely occur against Biden, I think it’s hard to predict what the actual polling numbers really are when those two things appear to take away at least 20% of the votes from the top two candidates.

Additionally, helpful to Trump, according to Politico’s analysis of a New York Times poll, Trump is making significant gains among young voters and voters of color compared to 2020. In fact, voters aged 18 to 29 are just as likely to support Trump as Biden, and Hispanic voters are split down the middle. That’s definitely not good for Biden and his Leftist pals.

Will Trump targeting – and protecting the Bidens – sway the opinions of voters?

And with the closing arguments starting today in the fake Trump Hush Money trial where there is no evidence of a crime – and the upcoming Hunter Biden trial where there IS plentiful evidence of a crime (many actually), it’ll be interesting to see how many independents look at the whole thing and say, “WTF” after finally realizing how very corrupt the Democratic Party is when they protect their own and target their political enemies.

Not just a corrupt president, inept one as well.

So while Trump is in court most days because of Democratic election interference, Biden is out there reminding everyone why he’s often referred to as the “gaffe machine” and also reminding people why he shouldn’t be running the country.

As the 2024 presidential race intensifies, it’s clear that the battle for Michigan remains fiercely contested. Despite a turbulent political landscape and relentless opposition, Donald Trump’s resilience is unmistakable, as he maintains a lead in the polls over President Biden.

The coming months will undoubtedly bring more twists and turns, with both candidates facing significant challenges and opportunities and, no doubt, an “October surprise” or two that the Democrats gin up to try to bury Trump for good.