The jury went home yesterday after deliberating for a few hours in the sham case against Donald Trump for allegedly manipulating business records after executing a normal non-disclosure agreement during the 2016 campaign.

The judge in the case gave some very peculiar instructions to the panel and said they didn’t need to arrive at a unanimous decision. In fact, he will consider four votes in favor of each of the three charges as a guilty verdict—which is stunning, to say the least.

When the jury went home, President Trump emerged to savage the entire procedure, saying that there was confusion about what the crime was because there was no crime.

I want to have another take on the whole jury splitting 4-4-4 being considered a unanimous jury. There is nothing in American Jurisprudence that would allow for such a bizarre set of instructions.
Then, of course, there are debates both inside and outside the courtroom as people weigh in on what they have seen and what they expect when the jury comes back. These conversations are often emotional, as you certainly know by now.

While Donald Trump vented after another wasted day in the Manhattan courtroom, he could not help but take issue with the fact that this is a political exercise being foisted upon all of us by Joe Biden and his band of political misfits.

And they used the trial to hold a mock press conference of sorts outside on Tuesday that was widely panned and mocked by just about everyone. Robert DeNiro attacked Trump and anyone who voted for him. Trump called DeNiro a “broken down fool” who “got MAGA-d” yesterday.

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He then focused on the big picture, saying that the deck had been so stacked against him that not even Mother Teresa could beat the charges.

And that brings me all the way around to what is happening to voters. What is the impact of this whole circus, and will it help or hurt Donald Trump?

CNN was shocked to find that Trump’s favorability has not changed over the course of the trial. Looks like the plan is failing.