Say hello to the successor to Davos Man, the champion of open borders and free trade, who opines from 5,100 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps. 

Say hello to his ideological children, the new globalists, who look and talk like socialists but act like terrorists with their calls to “Globalize the Intifada” and seize the campuses.

Pay attention to them, not because of what they say, but because of what they do. 

Pay attention to how they punctuate their words with violence, as their words are a prelude to more and more violence. 

Pay attention because the intifada—the uprising—is everywhere.

The new globalists use Israel as a pretext to commit violence. That they believe Israel has no right to exist, that its existence is itself an act of violence, is beside the point. The uprising is a reality. We are all Israelis. We are all Jews. We are all potential targets of violence thanks in large part to the open border policies and other failures of the Biden Administration.

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The uprising is in the streets of Athens, the birthplace of democracy, where the sentiment of the Arab street is decidedly anti-democratic.

The uprising is in London and Paris, with classrooms under siege, public property under occupation, and politicians clearly too afraid, shocked, or snakebitten to do anything about it.

The uprising is on the lawns of Cambridge and on Harvard Yard.
Now, the uprising leaders and participants are graduates.

Yeah, commencement season is here: the time when student protesters trade their rags for robes and cover their
faces with masks and scarves to stage a performance.

They seek to upstage the moment for a slogan—that is all they have, a three-word chant of rage, Globalize the Intifada. So much for the benefits of a college education, or, rather, so much for the value of a college degree, as theirs is worthless.

Commencement may, however, provide graduates with a lesson in economics. Graduates may soon know the dangers of inflation, what happens when an institution squanders its reputation and surrenders its will, printing more and more paper money, increasing the amount of fiat paper in circulation, and trading degrees like so many dollars. 

And yet, these academic promissory notes have no real value because they have no perceived value—which is why we talk about student loan forgiveness in the first place.

Employers do not hire violent protesters. Businesses do not want them, and recruiters do not need them.

Violence is, in short, bad for business.

Violence is the physical expression of the one commodity these protesters have in abundance: ignorance.

Here, the new globalists differ from Davos Man; they do not speak in full sentences or seem like they can. Their slogans are not even soundbites. They mistake shouting for talking and raise their voices to silence their critics.
Arrested development is not a skill, an arrest record is not an asset and a rap sheet is not a resume.

The new globalists have nothing to offer beyond violence.

They use violence to intimidate their enemies, not their opponents, because anyone who questions them is
an enemy. Anyone who is an opponent of the uprising is and must be an enemy of the intifada, according to this peculiar brand of illogic.

Violence is the language of the uprising.

Violence is also a crude language with a primitive vocabulary.

Violence is not our first language, thankfully.

We can speak it, trust me, but only as a last resort.

We have the maturity to speak with civility and the wisdom to know when to hold our peace. We have a right to live in peace, too.

We denounce the threat of a long, hot summer of additional violence.

We cannot dismiss the threat, unfortunately.

How we respond is a decision we alone can make. At issue is the very notion of control: who has it, and who has a right to use it.

The new globalists are unfit to control anything, least of all themselves. They nonetheless want to control a lot of things, too many things.
The new globalists want power. Period.
Now is the time for good to retake control, establish justice, and secure the blessings of liberty.

Now is the time to end the uprising.
Now is the time to use our power at the ballot box!