The Trump hush money trial descended into further carnival status on Tuesday, with the entrance of the infamous XXX Stormy Daniels (Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford). Her supposed tryst (though she has previously vehemently denied it multiple times) took center stage in this absurd drama otherwise dubbed the “hush money” trial.

What is the trial about?

The focal point of the case revolves around a $130,000 payment made to Daniels by Michael Cohen, then-lawyer of Trump, during the closing stages of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Prosecutors allege that this payment was a component of a scheme aimed at unlawfully influencing the campaign by suppressing unfavorable stories about Trump.

Judge allows porn star to take witness stand.

What pearls of wisdom does Stormy possess about Trump’s business dealings? Zilch. But alas, the judge, clearly not a Trump fan, allowed her to prance into the limelight anyway.

Oh, how the jury must have yearned for a gag order – not on Trump, but on Stormy, as they endured her titillating tales of spankings and acrobatic escapades.

More than anyone wanted to hear.

In the courtroom, Stormy regaled the audience with lurid accounts of her alleged liaison with Orange Man Bad in a hotel room during a celebrity golf event back in 2006. She was very specific about the rendezvous, saying things like, “I had my clothes and my shoes off. I believe my bra however was still on. We were in the missionary position.”

Objections raised fall on deaf ears.

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Trump’s defense team wasted no time lodging objections, with attorney Susan Necheles raising protest after protest amid the salacious testimony.

By then, Daniels, now 45, had already taken the courtroom on a wild journey through her past as an exotic dancer, her foray into adult cinema, and her routine STD screenings, conducted once a month at the time of her alleged encounter with Trump, now doubled to twice monthly.

Talk of spankings in a hotel room.

As Stormy Daniels stole the spotlight with her theatrics, Tuesday’s trial morphed into a spectacle of its own, replete with sensational claims of presidential spankings and pillow talk in a Nevada hotel suite.

But as the day wore on, demands for a mistrial echoed through the courtroom, with accusations hurled at Daniels of fabricating tales of lust and desire fueled by nothing more than greed and spite.

Despite the judge’s efforts to rein in Stormy’s explicit details, she continued to paint a vivid picture of her purported liaison with Trump. Details most likely that no one wanted to hear.

Trump said it was a good day.

In the aftermath of Daniels’ testimony, Trump emerged from the courtroom, declaring victory and deriding the prosecution’s case, calling it a “disaster.” He lamented the time spent in litigation, longing for the campaign trail, while taking jabs at his political adversaries and veering off into tangents about other unrelated issues.

It’s back to the circus on Thursday where Trump’s legal team will cross examine the porn queen.