Freed from the confines of a court room, former President Trump lit things up at a packed campaign rally in Freeland, Michigan on Wednesday. In his second campaign stop of the day (the first in Wisconsin), the Trump jet flew into an MBS International Airport hangar in Saginaw County, a union-heavy swing state county.

“Top Gun” music playing in the background…

Around 6 pm, amidst a throng of fervent Trump supporters clad in red shirts and MAGA hats, Trump took to the stage. His arrival was heralded by the majestic anthem from Tom Cruise’s iconic film “Top Gun,” as the Trump jet soared in.

The crowd erupted into cheers as the plane touched down, and Trump stepped out, greeting the crowd with enthusiastic waves and a triumphant fist pump. Against the backdrop of Lee Greenwood’s patriotic hymn “God Bless the USA,” Trump departed the plane, stepped on stage and acknowledged the crowd’s adoration with gratitude.

Trump thanks his supporters.

Trump opened up the rally saying, “Thank you, thank you, wow. Thank you very much. Hello Michigan. Hello Michigan. It’s great to be back in this beautiful state with thousands of proud hard-working God-fearing American patriots which is what you are. With your help, we’re going to win Michigan this November.”

Trump was wearing a blue suit, red tie, a flag pin and a MAGA hat that said 45-47. A sign that said, “Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace” could be seen referring to Trump wanting to debate President Biden as soon as possible.

Steve Gruber on site at then rally.

Our own Steve Gruber was at the rally reporting an overflow crowd. (You can see Trump’s speech here from Real America’s Voice.) Gruber appeared on “Stinchfield Tonight” right after Trump’s speech and said, “It is incredible to say the least. It’s weekends and Wednesdays for the campaign which is more than Joe Biden’s doing. Think about that, Joe Biden has been hidden for the entire week because of all of the things going on on college campuses whether it’s Columbia, UCLA, it doesn’t matter. Joe Biden is the incredible shrinking president.”

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Gruber added, “This man behind me (referring to Trump) goes to Wisconsin, puts on a rally at 2 in the afternoon, flies to Michigan, puts on a rally at 6 in the evening, and he’s not short” pointing out that Trump went long in his speeches at both locations. Gruber went on to say that Trump is “burning up the track.”

10,000+ people in attendance.

When asked about the enthusiasm of the crowd, Gruber talked about how the Michigan rally happened on a school night, a work day, and the middle of the week on a Wednesday, Gruber said, “And this place was standing-room only, more than 10,000 people turned out here.”

Trump hit on many issues during the speech including his ongoing legal issues, saying, “Every one of these fake cases is BULLSH*T. Every single one of them. Terrible.”

He added, “As you know, I’ve come here today from New York City, where I’m being forced to sit for days on end in a kangaroo courtroom with a corrupt and conflicted judge, enduring a Biden sideshow trial at the hands of a Marxist district attorney…who’s taking orders from the Biden administration.”

What Trump talked about…

Trump also talked about the economy, price increases, abortion, then chaos on college campuses, tax cuts, EVs, the border crisis, mass deportations, drilling for oil, crime and more adding that everything that Biden has touched has turned into a “SH*TSHOW.”

Trump talked about defeating “corrupt” Biden and that Michigan will tell the worse president ever, “You’re fired, get out of here.”

Trump warns about Biden’s new Title IX policies.

Trump pointed out that the Republicans are the party of common sense and warned the crowd about Biden’s new radical Title IX policy taking effect in schools August 1st, providing new protections for transgender students.

What used to be “safe spaces” for girls and women will be invaded by boys and men now, sanctioned by the federal government – girls’ sports teams, bathrooms, locker rooms…Trump said to the crowd, “That sounds reasonable…Ladies, get ready because the men are coming in!”

Trump went on to discuss the Democrat cheating machine during elections and that Republicans need to get out in massive numbers so that the election is “too big to rig.”

Trump promised to get up again if knocked down.

Trump also pointed out how windy it was while about 20 American flags were whipping around behind him.

As his tie was flying horizontally, he said, “It’s windy as Hell up here. Man… If I blow off the stage, I’ll be right back up, I promise”

And he would be. Just like he’s promising to do again in November no matter how hard the Dems try to knock him down.

At the end of the speech, Trump happily danced to the song, “Soul Man.” If the goal of the Democrats has been to break the former president, it’s not working.