The alleged perpetrator in the heart-wrenching murder case of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley is facing the music. Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal alien from Venezuela, is staring down the barrel of 10 charges following a grand jury indictment in Georgia.

Suspect is also a “Peeping Tom.”

The accusations against Ibarra aren’t just about Riley’s murder; they also include some creepy peeping Tom behavior, allegedly spying on a University of Georgia staff member through a window on the same day Riley met her untimely end, according to reports.

Riley was brutally attacked while out for a jog on the Athens campus on February 22nd. The indictment paints a grim picture of the assault, detailing blunt-force trauma to her head, unspecified asphyxiation, and disfigurement from repeated strikes with a rock.

10 charges against alleged perpetrator.

Among the laundry list of charges slapped on Ibarra are malice murder, kidnapping with bodily injury, aggravated assault with intent to rape, aggravated battery, obstruction of a 911 call, evidence tampering, and being a peeping Tom.

After Ibarra (allegedly) invaded the privacy of a woman at a university apartment complex, he moved on to Riley – whose body was discovered later that day near Lake Herrick, a serene spot on campus shattered by the grim discovery.

Biden’s open borders are to blame for the Ibarra brothers’ crime spree in America.

Ibarra’s journey into the U.S. began with a casual stroll across the Biden open border in 2022. Despite a few previous run-ins with the law, including one in the Big Apple, he managed to slip through the cracks. Big surprise, right? Police claim he tried to cover his tracks after Riley’s murder, ditching a jacket and gloves.

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Riley’s murder sent shockwaves through Athens, a community where UGA is a cornerstone and medical programs thrive. The swift identification of a suspect through surveillance footage, sporting a trendy Adidas hat, led investigators to Ibarra’s doorstep where they discovered incriminating evidence.

Alleged killer’s brother is a gang member says investigators.

Ibarra lived with his brother Diego, who was found in possession of a fake green card during the investigation. Federal authorities also uncovered Diego’s connections to the violent Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua, the largest criminal organization in Venezuela with over 5,000 members.

Despite entering the country illegally in April 2023, Diego Ibarra evaded arrest until five months later when he was apprehended for reckless driving and other offenses. Additional incidents, including theft from a local Walmart, further underscored the brothers’ involvement in criminal activity.

But those aren’t the only two Ibarras that have been arrested. A third brother, Argenis, was arrested as well on the same day according to Fox 5 Atlanta who reported that he was arrested for entering the country illegally. As of March, he was being held at an ICE detention center in West Georgia.

UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark made it clear that evidence points to Jose Ibarra acting alone in Riley’s murder, emphasizing there was no prior connection between them. It seems Riley’s fate was a cruel twist of fate, leaving the community reeling from the loss of a bright young soul.

Riley’s tragic story has also become a soapbox for conservative voices pushing for immigration reform. Gee, I can’t imagine why (insert sarcasm here).