Regardless of what the jury says, the verdict in the court of public opinion is clear: Donald Trump is not guilty. Regardless of what happens, even if the jury acquits the president, we hold the prosecution in contempt. We find the legal precedent responsible for this trial to be contemptible. 

Regardless of what the prosecution says, politics is not a crime—not in America, and we all know it, and we know Donald Trump did nothing wrong.

The people in America are still behind President Trump in a big way. Look at his rally last week in the South Bronx.

Show me another Republican who can rally nearly 30,000 supporters on the eve of a holiday weekend.

Look at the one before that on the Jersey shore with over 100,000 people on hand.

Show me a Democrat who can rally Blacks and Hispanics with the passion of a Republican like Donald Trump. Show me one anywhere in the country today. Show me a politician from either party who can rally New Yorkers with the ease of a president like Trump.

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So yes, the verdict is in: Donald Trump is the winner no matter what the jury might say or how rigged the instructions are to get the result that Joe Biden’s DOJ ordered.

The people reject the criminalization of politics and the prosecution of Donald Trump, the politician—which is actually public persecution for the crime of beating Hillary Clinton and setting the deep state’s hair on fire!
The people reject the persecution of Donald Trump, the citizen because any attempt to bankrupt or imprison a fellow American—especially a former president, who is also probably our next president—is wrong.

The people reject the demonization of Donald Trump, the man, because any attempt to weaponize the courts is unjust.

Listen to the people, even ones who know there will be a price to be paid.

Dennis Quaid says he’s voting for Trump because even though “he’s an a-hole, he’s my a-hole.”

If Dennis Quaid can say it, anyone can say it, and 85 million will in November.

Heed what the folks say, for they support Donald Trump. They rally in defense of law and order. They applaud Trump’s call for the enforcement of existing laws, which no city can survive without.

They understand, they know, and they feel the pain of crime and unemployment. They demand action—action the Democrats have promised election after election after election with nothing to show for it.

They deserve action, without which no country can long endure.

If only the Manhattan District Attorney were as good as the people.

Is it too much to ask the DA to exercise discretion?
Is it too much to ask him to put duty ahead of ambition?
Unfortunately, we ask too much. We ask for honesty and integrity, and that is clearly beyond Alvin Bragg’s grasp.

Donald Trump is not afraid to ask the people. Take, for example, his speech at the Libertarian Party’s convention in Washington, DC.

The speech is trademark Trump: direct, funny, conversational, and necessarily confrontational.

Trump tells it like it is.

He says, “If you want to lose, keep getting your 3% every four years.” Here is Trump, a man of power, speaking the truth to a hostile crowd and not backing down and telling them they can win but only with him.

Imagine Joe Biden speaking as well or as long to anyone.

Here, as in every venue where voters gather, Trump is the antithesis of Biden.

Case in point: Trump’s appearance at NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Here again, Trump was among the people before a crowd of 80,000 fans.

Here he is, meeting with Gold Star families. Here he stands, the day before Memorial Day, as his jet flies overhead.

Imagine Joe Biden doing the same—it’s just not possible, is it?

If Biden thinks NASCAR is for red states or racing is a Southern pastime, he should reexamine his politics.

If Biden thinks crowds are without wisdom and that crowds are meaningless, he should retire from politics.
If Biden thinks crowds are without influence and that crowds are pointless, he will soon be out of politics.

Trump is the opposite.

Trump is a national and a natural politician.

Trump is also a big-time promoter.

Trump knows how to communicate and that he must communicate, for the presidency requires a great communicator.

Biden, in contrast, is nothing more than a great plagiarist—as we discussed yesterday. He has nothing to say except to spin tales of his heroics battling Corn Pop or regaling folks with his stories of athletic prowess and offers from the Naval Academy—none of which are true.

What is true is that Biden has no voice.

Biden has no spontaneity or humor like Trump.
Biden has nothing to offer in terms of policy or vision.

Trump knows this, and the crowds know it, too. A national politician can draw a crowd wherever he goes, but only an exceptional politician can draw a diverse crowd.

Because he appeals to men and women of every party and of almost every point of view, Trump is such a politician.

The rally in New York City proves this point.

The Libertarian convention in Washington, DC, speaks to this, too.
The race in North Carolina shows that a politician campaigns with energy and pageantry, that a presidential candidate campaigns as the next president, and that the former president will be president again.

The race is on. Trump is in the lead. Everything else is noise.

Biden is in the race in name only. He has no message to uplift the voters or appeal to the people on Main Street.

Absent without leave, as an official who excuses himself from his work as president, Joe Biden is AWOL.

Biden is absent in mind, too.

He is a placeholder, not a commander-in-chief.

Does Biden know where he is?

Does Biden know who he is?

We should not have to ask these questions.

We must ask these questions, which is essential.

We are right to question Biden’s qualifications, which is indisputable.

That we are right to oppose Biden is not in question.

In the meantime, the crowds increase for the former President on the road to political salvation. The crowds come together for Donald Trump and long for the days when he was in the Oval Office.

The diversity of the crowds is a growing strength.
The crowds are multiracial, multi-ethnic, and multigenerational—they are the real DEI.

The crowds are all American. The crowds want America to be secure so Americans may be free. The crowds represent the best of America. They are not clowns or deplorables as the caustic left smears them at every turn—they are the growing voice of America.

The people speak Donald Trump’s language.

The people support Donald Trump.

The majority of the people who want him re-elected are a majority. And that leaves the Democrats to do just one thing—play the lawfare card and keep Donald Trump jammed up in court for as long as possible while playing the Hollywood card. Robert DeNiro was trotted out and did not look good. It was kind of pathetic.
But in the end—the chickens will all come home to roost. The American people are getting turned off by the Democrats’ games, and will let them know in November.