President Biden, ever the political strategist, has turned to the oldest trick in the book: buying votes. He’s focusing on the youth once more, hoping to win their favor by dangling the juicy carrot of student loan forgiveness over and over again.

Forget substantive policy changes or meaningful engagement; why bother when you can just write off some debt (with OUR taxpayer dollars) and call it a day?

Supreme Court says no, Biden says “who cares?”

Never mind that the Supreme Court already struck down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan back in July of last year. Like Democrats before him, he’ll just do what he wants. Because, seriously, WHO is going to stop him?

Lots of possible votes bought for a song.

In a move that screams “please like me,” Biden announced another round of student loan forgiveness on Wednesday as borrowers were informed via email that they’ve been approved for debt cancellation. It’s another $7.7 billion of our tax dollars used for the Biden presidential campaign for 160K votes the old man is trying to secure. That’s $167 billion all together for 4.75 million possible votes.

Biden is on track for a landslide victory if this scam works and the voting numbers are combined with the almost three million illegal alien votes that are already in the bag.

Help is on the way!

The Education Department, which usually has all of the experience and efficiency of a bureaucratic tortoise, promises that these cancellations will be processed in the coming weeks. Just in time for the next election cycle, how convenient!

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It’s almost endearing how blatantly obvious this re-election scam is. But Biden’s team has realized that the youth vote isn’t as solid as they’d hoped with the antisemitism of their supporters running rampant and promises of young Dems sitting out the election all over the place. So it’s all hands on deck to continue to buy Democratic votes across the country whether it’s handouts to the youth or the illegal aliens.

Will it be enough for Dementia Joe???

All of this vote-buying comes at a time when the Democrats seeing Biden’s poll numbers in the tank and small handfuls of supporters showing up when he speaks. And the votes for the old man haven’t been showing up in the primaries.

Just last night, more unsatisfied Democrats showed Biden what they thought of him. In the Kentucky primary, while former Prez. Donald J. Trump got 84.9% of the vote on his side of things (and only

3.5% voting “uncommitted”) President Biden only received the support of 71.3% of Democrats with 17.9% voting the ever-popular “uncommitted.”

The younger generation, increasingly vocal and politically active, has been drifting from the Democrat plantation and the Biden folks aren’t very happy about the ungrateful spoiled brats. The youthful Democratic voters’ discontent is fueled by a mix of frustration over the lack of significant progress on climate change, the handling of economic issues, and, notably, Biden’s stance on international affairs, particularly regarding Israel.

Bribery might not placate the antisemites in Biden’s party enough to win their votes.

Biden’s support for Israel doesn’t sit well with many young voters, who have been more than critical of the Israeli government’s actions and very sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Biden’s approval ratings among the youth have been shaky because of this, to say the least.

So what’s a president to do? Well, he has decided to pull out the checkbook and forgive more student loans, of course. The logic is simple: relieve financial burdens, and the gratitude will translate to votes. After all, it’s not HIS money.

Yes, Biden’s money (from China, Ukraine, and all of the other folks who participated in his pay-to-play schemes) is safely tucked away for a rainy day for him and the rest of the corrupt Biden Crime Family Syndicate.

So even though Obama and his pals will be upset if they lose the election to Trump, at least Biden has a back-up plan to live the life of luxury, which has always been his goal ever since he got into politics.