Be careful what you wish for, my Democrat friends.

You dreamed of convicting Donald Trump—and you got 34 felony convictions, at least for now, as nobody who understands anything about the law or justice believes this sham trial for allegedly falsifying business records will ever hold up under appeal. So dance and sing and celebrate—because even in politics, he who laughs last laughs best.

I do hope that when Trump returns to the White House in January, he will refrain from this despicable behavior and usher in a new era of restraint—only going after those who truly broke the law. I hope during his inauguration speech he moves to heal this country because this kind of asinine weaponization of the law cannot continue. It is not who we are, and we must strive to do better under the leadership of the 47th President of the United States.

What happened in Manhattan yesterday reminds me of Admiral Yamamoto following the attacks on Pearl Harbor. He did not celebrate like the others, for he knew they had woken the sleeping bear—and I think Democrats, with this massive legal overreach, may have woken sleeping Americans all over again who will be mortified by what has just happened.

Americans do not believe justice was served, and this will not age well for those who led the charge.

Think about this.

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The biggest lie told by Democrats in recent days and years is that Republicans “want to win too badly,” and comes from the late Dale Bumpers, Democrat of Arkansas, during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. 
The lie applies most aptly to Democrats, for they are the ones who want to win at all costs. They are the ones who want to destroy the legal system to save themselves from Donald Trump.

In their zeal to replace the ballot box with a jury box, overruling tens of millions of votes with just 12, Democrats seek to criminalize politics. 

In their zeal to cancel Trump, Democrats seek to brand him a criminal. 

In their zeal to imprison Trump, Democrats seek to treat him as a dangerous man—often comparing him to Hitler and Stalin.

Such is the new political system under Democrats.

Such is the new legal system under Democrat politicians.

Such is the new criminal justice system under Democrat prosecutors.

The system is undemocratic.

The system is unconstitutional.

The system is un-American—and I say to you today with optimism that this new system will not stand.

Eight score years ago, with malice toward none, the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, sought to bind up the nation’s wounds.

Today, Democrats act with malice toward Donald Trump, our most recent Republican president, and anyone and everyone who supports him.
Tomorrow, Democrats will come for us if they get away with this crime against our nation.

Such is the terror of malicious prosecution.

Such is the nature of Democrat prosecutors these days—power over everything, the rest be damned.

When justice is irrelevant to law and truth incidental to victory, tyranny wins every time.

When Democrat prosecutors want to win too badly, everyone loses. The rule of law loses and there is justice for no one.

Look at the civil prosecution of Trump.

A judge ordered Trump to pay $355 million for what? For what? Saying he had nothing to do with that woman who claimed that in some year she could not name, he may have assaulted her but was not sure where.
And now, a criminal judge—Judge Juan Merchan—has the power to send Trump to prison.

If Merchan orders Trump to pay restitution in the form of time in prison, the result will be a victory for the forces of extremism—if only for a short time.

If a judge can do this to a former president who is also the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, it will be a victory for anti-democratic rule.

If a judge chooses to do this, if he betrays the admonition to judge not and refuses to cast out the beam in his own eye, if he eyes power more than he loves justice, the result will be a profound and lasting injustice.
A judge who presides over a trial this political is no observer.

A judge who says he is not political, in spite of his many financial contributions to Democrats, is no moderate.

A judge who says he does not have to recuse himself, in spite of his politics, is no judge but a political operative in a black robe.
We cannot secure justice if we do not stop the injustice of malicious prosecution.

Public service is far too expensive to begin with.

The cost is too high for most millionaires and too wasteful for most billionaires, leaving us with an abject disaster.

If Donald Trump has to pay $400 million for a non-existent crime, if the price of his service to the nation is service on the interest of the debt he owes the state, if he must pay Letitia James a tax for doing politics in New York, no one who is not willing to lose his life or his liberty or his property will enter politics ever again.

How many talented and qualified people have already evaluated that metric and turned away—leaving our nation more bereft of real leadership? How many more will see what happened today and turn a blind eye to putting themselves in that same position?

If Trump has to go to prison so Democrats will not riot, what happens to his supporters?

If Trump is a criminal, who among us is not guilty?

If Trump is guilty, what are we?
The letter of the law cannot survive the death of the spirit of the law.

Democrats cannot proclaim justice when injustice is the formula they use to steal power.
Only we can demand that justice be done though the heavens fall because we are fallen; we are sinners.

But we are not criminals.

Nor is Donald Trump.

We who share Trump’s politics will vote for him in November, and I predict more may join the fight against Democrat tyranny.

All who abhor the criminalization of politics will vote against Joe Biden.

To all who abhor us, we welcome your hatred but extend our hand to invite you to our side. If this is not stopped, you will also become a target at some point.
We are the deplorables.
We are Americans.
We are the forgotten Americans.
We will not forget the wrongs done to America by Democrat prosecutors and judges.

Do not mistake our charity, that we believe in charity for all, for forgiveness.
We do not believe in amnesty for the wicked or absolution for the unrepentant.
This injustice is a stain that Democrats must remove.
Every Democrat who celebrates the prosecution of President Trump does not know what justice means and will be shocked when the mob comes for them.

Every Democrat who celebrates the conviction of President Trump does not know what injustice is.

Every Democrat who celebrates injustice commits an injustice against us.

Vengeance alone is not justice.

But we must do better, and in January, after his inauguration, President Trump must rise above the fray himself and do better.

We must not acquire a taste for vengeance because a power this strong—a drug this deadly—is uncontainable.

If Democrats want to overdose on hatred, if they want to poison themselves with the fentanyl of deceit, we need not partake; we must not join them in the politics of personal destruction—We are better than the worst among us.

The better angels of our nature are better than the enemies of America.
We will vote for Donald Trump—and many more will now join us—
We will appeal this injustice.
As our cause is just, so shall we act justly.
As justice is just, so shall we attain justice.
To President Trump, we say:
Put your confidence in us. We were with you before, and we are with you now. We are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
And with that I would like to share many of the things heard yesterday.