May 30th, 2024: the day the American justice system met its demise. On that day, it became clear that justice hinges on the whims of a jury and a corrupt judge’s desires rather than on truth, facts, or genuine justice.

The justice system is based a subjective opinion, not a validation of truth and facts.

We’ve seen this “injustice” system for a while now with selective prosecution of crimes depending on who you are (Dem or Trump supporter) and what color or sex you are… Unfortunately for law and order and the Constitution, the evil Left has infiltrated every facet of the legal system because of their hatred of Trump and pursuit of unlimited and unending power.

The Constitution and law be damned, the Democrat Party will destroy every institution in the United States to take down Donald J. Trump – and his supporters.

Guilty on all counts.

With Trump being found guilty on all 34 counts in the “hush money” trial on Thursday, May 30th, the Democrats have all been on Cloud 9, cheering and partying because they think, wrongly as usual, that they have finally “won” against Trump. And it doesn’t matter that it took a porn star and convicted perjurer to do it. Win at all costs, that’s what they care about.

The Left has thought they beat the Trumpster before but it has never actually happened – except when they rigged the election for Biden. That’s been their only taste of real victory – and it’s a victory they HAVE to have again in November, hence the Stormy Daniels trial and the other indictments.

Impeachments, indictments, hoaxes, lies…whatever it takes… For years and years, the Left has relentlessly gone after Orange Man Bad and he outsmarts them almost every time.

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The Democrats thinks that because a Leftist NYC jury convicted the president in a rigged trial with a Trump-hating judge that they have won. It’s just the opposite.

The Democrats gave Trump a gift.

They just handed Trump the election.

Thank you, Democrats.

And they’ve set a precedent that we can go after Biden on day one of Trump’s presidency in January 2025. Can’t wait.

None of us actually believed that Trump wouldn’t be found guilty. Even Trump. The writing was on the wall – it was a rigged trial in NYC.

Money and fame will be rollin’ in for the jurors.

The jurors had too much to lose if they let Trump off the hook. Heck, just the prospect of money dangling in front of them made the jury find Trump guilty…As a juror, they could all see the dollar signs from the books they are all going to write. The question is, who’s the first juror to sign the deal and get their book published? It’ll be a race for sure for that first “I convicted the president” book.

The fact that there was no real crime in this case didn’t matter. Or the fact that their star witness is a convicted perjurer – not to mention a tax cheat and a thief.

Or the fact that the judge wrote more than 50 pages of instructions (that they couldn’t take with them to deliberate) that gave the jurors the permission to find the president guilty.

There was reasonable doubt all over the place. And there are about 50+ grounds for appeal.

End game: keep Trump out of the White House.

But truth and justice were not the goal. The goal has always been to destroy Trump. The goal is to keep him out of the Oval Office again. The Democrats need to keep their power and wealth. Trump exposed them when he became president. They can’t let that happen again. America can NOT be great again, according to them.

May 30th will not go down as the day that the first former president in history was declared to be a convicted felon. It will go down as a day that the Democrat Party jumped the shark and truly made sure that our country is a banana republic run by a bunch of tyrants. THAT will be their legacy.

Trump, of course, told everyone what’s going on by saying, “This was a rigged disgraceful trial. I’m a very innocent man” and went on to say that the “real verdict” is on November 5th.

Amen to that.

Trump running the country from prison is a better option than Biden running it from his feeble mind.

Some of the Democrats on social media think that Trump will have to drop out of the race as a convicted felon. Nope. Even if he runs the country from a prison cell, he’ll do a much better job than Joe Biden has been doing from the White House.

But it’s pretty doubtful that Orange Man Bad will go to prison because that isn’t what this is about (no matter how much the Democrats would love it to happen).

House arrest is the goal so the Trump rallies disappear.

This is all a marketing campaign for Biden’s re-election. Because of what happened on Thursday, they can call Trump a “convicted felon” and can put him under house arrest so that he can’t have any rallies.

The Left is truly transparent in all that they do because everything that they do is to keep their power and wealth.

But in their desperation to destroy Trump, the Democrats have only fortified Trumps base and galvanized his supporters. His website even shut down for a while because so many of his supporters were donating to him. This trial, a blatant display of political theater, will go down in history not as the downfall of Donald J. Trump, but as the catalyst for his triumphant return.