The Democrats have a new plan to get Joe Biden re-elected—tuck him back in the basement and keep him out of sight from the public as much as possible.

Yeah, it’s true, and the reporting is coming from various places with access to the President and his floundering campaign.

This comes after the whole “Let Joe Be Joe” effort turned into a colossal failure as Biden continues to hemorrhage support from what should be loyal Democrat voters.

However, it seems that competence matters to people, and it comes into play when they see Joe fall over his tongue repeatedly and make strange comments. One that really sticks out is the one about his uncle getting eaten by cannibals in the South Pacific during World War 2.

Of course, there have been various other strange comments that are easily fact-checked and dismissed as nonsense.

Joe bragged about driving an 18-wheeler and coming in second place as a high school scoring leader—both were said last week and are utterly false. The 18-wheeler story has been debunked several times, but Grandpa cannot keep from telling fairy tales about himself.

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It worries me that he believes this stuff, and that would indicate to me that the senility is far more advanced than I have thought previously.

That’s why they want to put Joe back in the basement and shorten his speeches and appearances to hide the decline.

So, there is the new master plan—keep Joe hidden for the duration of the campaign, keep him away from the press as much as possible, keep his appearances shorter, and keep him on script whatever it takes.

No more discussions of cannibals barbequing family members in front of the people.

This is bad news for a candidate who is already the lowest rated since Gallup began polling presidential popularity.

Joe Biden’s numbers are the worst in more than 70 years, meaning Joe is behind Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, and even Donald Trump, who had the highest approval of those four presidents at this point in his term.

You can direct your attention to the failure at Abbey Gate and the embarrassing disaster of Joe Biden’s ill-advised exit from Afghanistan in August of 2021.

That is where it all began to fall apart—Biden went underwater in the polls then and has never recovered.

And if the collapse of support began in Afghanistan, it certainly didn’t end there. Since then, everything has gone against Biden, all avoidable, self-inflicted damage.

From the open border and the related crime wave to the surging inflation to the violence on American college campuses—Joe Biden has proven he is not up to the task.

There is not a place where Democrat apologists can point and say, “This is going well,” and have anyone take them seriously.
This race right now is in the swing states. There are seven, according to the so-called experts. I think there are five and maybe six with Minnesota in play. No matter how you slice it, Donald Trump controls the race today.
While Democrats are struggling to explain why Joe Biden deserves anything, the GOP is fundraising better than ever as the big donors are coming home and bringing their friends too.

Yeah, the Democrats need to stop the bleeding, and that begins by hiding the guy who is cutting your chances to the bone. So, it’s time to put Joe back in the basement.
But how will that work if he skips the debates?
Now very well, that I can guarantee!