Michael Cohen’s final day in a Manhattan courtroom was a landmine for the prosecution.

Cohen had already admitted during his first two days on the stand that he was and is a serial liar. During cross-examination, his comments began eroding whatever it is the prosecution is trying to show is a crime—a crime they claim Donald Trump committed by entering into a non-disclosure agreement with aging porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2016 leading up to the election that year. A deal where she was paid $130,000 to keep a secret—which she has not honored.

In fact, after getting sued by Donald Trump, she is now on the hook to pay him $500,000—something she says will never happen, but we can debate that at another time.

Daniels first denied it but is now claiming that she had a sexual encounter with the former president in 2006—something he has always denied. For a long time, she did as well—and that is why the NDA was offered up in the first place and facilitated by Michael Cohen, the man who once called himself Donald Trump’s fixer.

It was a case that federal prosecutors and others said was not a case at all because there was no crime.
That is true. Signing and paying for a non-disclosure agreement happens thousands of times a day and is quite normal unless you are the target of rabid Democrats who are desperate to knock you out of the presidential race.

On Monday, a bombshell admission by Michael Cohen may have finally rocked the entire case to the point that not only will it fall apart completely, but Alvin Bragg and his band of incompetent prosecutors could find themselves in need of new jobs.

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On cross-examination, Cohen admitted that he lies to everyone he meets and is also a thief.

Cohen admitted that he stole $30,000 in cash from the Trump organization that was intended for a third party. He just pocketed the cash and requested reimbursement for the $30,000 he was supposed to deliver. In the end, he stole $60,000 and never paid taxes on the ill-gotten money either, which means not only is he a liar and a thief, but he is also a tax cheat.

He won’t face any criminal charges because the statute of limitations has run out on the theft—a much more serious felony than anything they are pursuing Donald Trump for. Trump’s case also exceeded the statute of limitations, which is why they created this make-believe felony.

Yeah, Michael Cohen really delivered Monday—for the defense. Unless the jury is solely motivated by politics, this case cannot possibly result in a conviction.

The right thing to do is to dismiss the case completely, which is what Trump’s attorneys requested for a third time.

Any way you try to look at it, this case was built around a serial creep who is incapable of being honest about anything.

You know that when your friends in the left-wing media are tossing in the towel, things are not looking too good. There were a few who were ready to read Michael Cohen’s final public obituary after the disastrous day in court.

One MSNBC legal analyst concluded that there is little left to Cohen’s reputation now aside from “opportunistic thief.”

But as you can imagine, the folks who hate Trump so much they would sell their own mothers to the devil are working overtime to convince themselves and anyone who will listen that somehow buying someone’s silence is a crime if your name is Donald Trump.

You must imagine some of these people are sitting around with a glass of wine, fantasizing about Trump in jail. To call them demented would be an understatement. Of course, these are the same people who still believe the Russian hoax was real and Hunter’s laptop was fake—they will believe anything as long as it satisfies those fantasies.
And at the end of the day, there was one more big admission by the defendant himself—and it is maybe the most honest thing heard in or around the Manhattan courtroom today. Trump said the only crime he’s guilty of is beating Hillary in 2016. Amen.

And with Michael Cohen’s credibility—what little there ever was—dead and buried, President Trump is moving on with a very ambitious and audacious move. He is holding a campaign rally in the South Bronx on Thursday and truly believes he can turn New York and the Big Apple red again—right now, I am not sure I would bet against him.