Surprise! There’s still a crisis at the border. I know, I know, you probably haven’t heard much about it lately. If you’re not glued to Fox News, you might think everything’s just peachy down there. But even Fox News is distracted with other pressing matters like the Trump trial and a never-ending parade of anti-Israel protests.

Oh, and let’s not forget the other “important” news hogging the headlines: Sean “Diddy” Combs made some waves, the AOC/MTG catfight lingers on, bird flu panic got some air, rumors are swirling about a possible “Bennifer” breakup, there’s the spectacle of the Trump/Biden Debate, and of course, the golfer who got himself arrested. Clearly, there’s just no room left to talk about a little thing like a border crisis.

A few media outlets are still covering the border crisis.

Enter Border Hawk News, swooping in to remind us that yes, there’s still chaos at the border. There’s also the local media folks on the border who are covering things because they are living where the problems are.

So what about those “got-aways” at the border? They’re on the rise. You know – the ones who sneak past border patrol and disappear into the country. Apparently, we can’t stop them but we CAN count them. Try to figure that one out.

Biden flying around illegal aliens (future democrat voters) to key states.

Border Hawk News is also pointing out how the Biden administration has flown half a million illegal aliens all over the country to place them strategically for electoral gain in the future. Because, why not? Who’s going to stop them, right?

And what about the chaos at the San Diego border? What? You didn’t know there was chaos at the San Diego border? It’s a mess down there, but who’s paying attention? Certainly not the mainstream leftist media.

Illegal aliens all over the country are committing child sex offenses.

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Then there are the stories coming at us at a rapid pace about illegal aliens and their child sex offenses. What is up with these illegal alien perverts? You’d think this would be a headline-grabber, but nope. Just another day at the border – and another consequence of Biden’s open borders. A place where horrors unfold while everyone’s busy speculating about the latest celebrity drama.

Chances are you know nothing about the illegal alien children being housed with sex offenders in Massachusetts (the Biden administration couldn’t care less about the welfare of these kids after they hit our shores) and the fact that a Californian woman was rescued from a “rape dungeon on wheels.” Her captor? An illegal alien from Mexico, no surprise. Sex crimes are all the rage with illegal aliens for some reason.

Dems trying to push fake border bill ahead of election.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a new fake border security bill that Democrat monster Senator Chuck Schumer is trying to push through. Yeah, it’s about as real as a three-dollar bill.

In conclusion, yes, the border crisis is still very much a thing. Illegal aliens continue to commit crimes in the United States, and the media continues to ignore it all in favor of fluff pieces and sensationalized celebrity gossip – and, of course, their Trump derangement stories.

So next time you’re inundated with the latest nonsense some of the media outlets are spewing, remember there are real issues at the border that desperately need attention. But hey, at least we know what AOC and MTG are bickering about, right?