In the wild world of aviation, recent days have been a turbulence-filled rollercoaster for Boeing. It’s been a parade of mishaps that could make even the most seasoned flyers clutch their armrests.

FedEx plane lands with nose on the ground.

First up on Wednesday, a FedEx-operated Boeing 767 cargo plane made an emergency landing in Istanbul because the front landing gear malfunctioned. Cue the dramatic footage of the plane scraping its nose against the runway, leaving spectators with their hearts in their mouths.

Popped tire in turkey leads to evacuation of plane.

But wait, there’s more! A Corendon Airlines Boeing 737-800 decided to pop a tire during its landing at Gazipasa airport in Turkey on Thursday. Emergency vehicles swarmed the scene and 190 folks were evacuated. Online photos show what the Daily Mail calls “its front wheels and landing gear crumpled underneath.”

A plane on fire leads to frightened and fleeing passengers.

And just when you thought the show was over, also on Thursday, a Boeing 737-300 in Senegal decided to go off-road during take-off, setting itself ablaze and sending passengers running for their lives.

These incidents aren’t just rough landings, they’re a full-blown PR nosedive for Boeing. Passengers are starting to give Boeing planes the side-eye, with some folks actively swiping left on flights operated by the brand. This isn’t just bad luck; it’s a nightmare scenario for Boeing and the entire aviation industry.

A string of nightmares for the company.

Passengers are worried about whether the plane will make it from A to B and rightly so. They’re also wondering if Boeing’s got its act together at all. Boeing’s got more baggage than just these recent incidents. Safety concerns, diversity initiatives overshadowing basic safety, a CEO on the way out, and stock prices taking a dive – it’s a soap opera up in the skies.

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There are also Boeing whistleblowers meeting untimely ends and questions about ethics flying around like loose screws. With all that going on, it’s no wonder trust in Boeing is plummeting faster than a bird strike.

The big question now: can Boeing pull a Houdini and make everyone forget these nightmares? It’s not just about fixing planes; it’s about fixing a culture. Because if Boeing can’t regain trust, we might all be walking to our destinations. And that’s not a journey anyone wants to be on.