It’s go time.
That’s the big news we are hearing now—it is time for presidential debates.

I cannot believe it: Joe Biden made an offer to debate Donald Trump twice, not the traditional three times. The offer was for one in Late June and the second in September!

Boy, does that juice the election!

But some things make you wonder. First, why just two debates? Second, Biden only offered to do it if there was no audience in attendance. How weird is that? And he laid out a list of demands. I am guessing they thought Trump would say no, but he is apparently “ready to rumble,” as he posted on Truth Social in response to the offer.

So here are the rules and restrictions as laid out by the Biden campaign that we are aware of so far:
No audience, just the two candidates and the moderator in an 
otherwise empty TV studio—which means it will be like Nixon and Kennedy in 1960.
So, no audience and no Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or any other third-party candidate—just a one-on-one debate because the Biden team says if someone has no chance of winning the electoral college, there is no need to waste anyone’s time.

Only four networks can be considered to host the event, says team Biden: CNN, ABC, CBS, or Telemundo. It’s my understanding that CNN is up first.
The other big rule is that the mics for each candidate can only be open when it is their respective turn. Therefore, Donald Trump cannot turn to Joe Biden and ask him a question or interject, and during Trump’s time, we will not be able to hear Biden mumbling to himself about ice cream.

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So, Joe Biden has home-field advantage, with refs from a left-leaning network and the rules stacked decidedly in his favor.

Still, President Trump said yes. On June 27 and September 10
He will take Biden up on the offer and be ready to go. He also said there should be more than two debates and that an audience would be a great benefit, bringing energy to the room, but he said he would be there either way.

And for team Biden, there really was no alternative.

The real big problem for Joe Biden is that, according to reporting from inside his team, he is completely out of touch with what is happening in America and is in total denial about people trying to get by every day.

He also doesn’t seem to believe the majority of recent polls that show him losing to Donald Trump across the country and, more importantly, in the swing states.
The number one issue driving anger and discontent continues to be the spiraling cost of surviving these days. It’s something that Joe Biden doesn’t get.

Honestly, how do you think a debate is going to go when it’s not some cream puff interview from your buddies in corporate media, but instead, it’s the former President of the United States that has you one-on-one?
The problem with the cost of everything means that people don’t have to watch the news or hear about inflation numbers—they know what things cost, and they know ever since Joe Biden became President, the cost of living has gone through the roof.

So the latest ploy from the White House seems to be just lie and claim that inflation was far higher when you took the job than it actually was.

This begs the question—is this really a legitimate debate?

What I mean is this: Don’t you think it’s possible that the whole reason to put Joe out there on June 27—months earlier than any Presidential debate in my lifetime—might be to see if he can make it? If he can’t, they throw out the 25th Amendment or make another emergency move to get Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer out front and on the ballot during the Democratic Convention in mid-August.

I have told you for a while that Whitmer is the Democrats’ plan B, and I can assure you that has not changed. In fact, there are stories of her telling small gatherings that she will be the nominee and plans to “Thump Trump” in November. Sources are telling me that is what she is saying behind closed doors.

I don’t know how it’s going to go next month, but using the June debate as a final test before letting Joe sail into the fall election makes a lot of sense.
And if it is a test—the first thing will be having Joe get there for the debate—will that happen? Trump wonders if this will actually happen. I guess we will have to see.