Welcome to the Pronoun Police State, brought to you by the Biden administration’s latest delusional decree.

In an astonishing display of bureaucratic lunacy, the federal government has decided to wade even further into the waters of preferred pronouns and restroom rights.

EEOC’s Pronoun Protocol: Addressing Preferred Pronouns and Restroom Access

According to Just the News, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has now declared that an employer’s failure to address employees by their preferred pronouns or denying them access to the restroom of their choosing constitutes prohibited harassment.

Yes this is exactly the kind of tyranny that our Founding Fathers fled from before they drafted the Constitution – escaping tyrants who telling them what they could do, what they could say and what they could think – all while taking their money.

EEOC’s Expansion: Gender Identity Joins Protected Class Status

The Democratic-ran EEOC has elevated gender identity to the status of a protected class, alongside race, sex, and religion.

So now, if you happen to misgender someone or have the audacity to suggest they use a restroom that aligns with their biology rather than their self-proclaimed gender identity, CONGRATULATIONS – you’re officially a harasser according to the federal government.

Keep the attorneys on speed dial.

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Perhaps it would be wise to have a lawyer readily available on speed dial in case the Pronoun Police State comes knocking.

Yes, the Biden administration is here to save the day. No, not from a border crisis or massive inflation – or even being a target of Hamas or Iran. No, instead, they are spending their time figuring out how to use the federal government to rein over their subjects and pummel us into compliance with their perverse political agenda.

Rather than focusing on real-world problems, the Biden administration is more concerned if you have a “he” or “she” or “they” in your email signature and if your employer is abiding by those words.