In a bid to reel in the youthful electorate which Biden is losing largely because of their anti-Israel views, his administration appears to be rolling a fat joint of promises, hoping to spark up enthusiasm among the younger demographic with his cannabis campaign.

Looking for votes, Democrats push to reschedule marijuana as a less dangerous drug.

With their sights set on November, Biden and the Democrats are puffing up plans to reschedule marijuana, adding another leaf to their cannabis bouquet of promises alongside school loan payoffs and increased abortion access – just in case hating Trump and rigging the election again is not enough to push Dementia Joe over the finish line again.

So some new bribery to “buy” the votes of America’s youth is in the works by making marijuana more acceptable across the nation.

The move to reschedule ganja, pot, weed, cannabis, Mary Jane, joints, blunts, or whatever you want to call it as a less dangerous drug, has been long celebrated by stoners and medical users alike and the Democrats are hoping for a revolutionary (and electorate) shift in American drug policy – but not because it might be good for the public or help out law enforcement. It’s strictly to win votes as are most decisions that they make.

This groundbreaking move is just another political gimmick to LIGHT UP the ballot boxes.

It’s 4:20 in Biden’s America.

Picture this: a bunch of political advisers in their tailored suits, struggling to understand why “4:20” is trending among the youth on X. Suddenly, a lightbulb moment – let’s hop on the weed wagon!

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Thus, the Department of Health and Human Services made their move, announcing their intentions at – you guessed it – 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 because subtlety is not their strong suit.

Biden and Harris hitch a ride on the cannabis caboose.

Biden and Harris chimed in with their social media posts about the topic, trying desperately to capture the essence of the moment, but forgetting that Trump had already taken a toke on this particular joint by granting clemency to folks with marijuana convictions, deferring to states’ rights concerning marijuana legalization and supporting medical marijuana, signing the 2018 Farm bill, which legalized hemp and its derivatives, including cannabidiol (CBD), at the federal level.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration marches forward, hoping to blaze a new trail in marijuana policy and get paid for it by votes in November.

The proposed reclassification of marijuana by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from Schedule I to Schedule III is heralded as a triumph for weed enthusiasts everywhere. However, before we start passing around the celebratory joints, let’s consider the fine print.

No, the new policy won’t legalize recreational use for marijuana, you optimistic herb aficionados!

While rescheduling may seem like a victory dance for cannabis advocates, it falls short of outright legalization for recreational use. It’s like being invited to the party but not allowed to partake in the festivities. The DEA’s move is akin to moving marijuana from the VIP section to the general admission area – it’s still under their watchful eye, just with slightly looser restrictions.

Biden’s push for pot reform conveniently aligns with his bid for re-election. With support for legalization hitting an all-time high (pun intended), Democrats see an opportunity to court the younger demographic. After all, what better way to win over the youth than by offering them the keys to the weed kingdom?

But let’s not get too carried away with the smoke and mirrors. Behind the haze of promises lies a stark reality – rescheduling marijuana won’t magically erase the injustices of the past or those of the present and future. While Biden talks a big game about expunging criminal records and righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs, real-world consequences and outcomes are currently unknown.

Dems will figure out a way to use the new policy to their advantage.

On the other hand, the pro-criminal Democrats might be in luck, because they could get handed a whole new way to release criminals and keep others from being arrested. With Biden’s new marijuana advocacy initiative, it seems like a win-win-win for his political party on many different fronts – and I’m sure they already have plans on how to use it to their advantage.

Until then, we’ll see where the smoke leads us. Because as most things Dems do, we never know the full impact of what they do until it starts negatively affecting everyone.