Joe Biden is a president who just can’t seem to get his numbers straight. Some say it’s forgetfulness or dementia. Others say it’s on purpose. Regardless of the reason, gaslighting Americans with his lies is becoming a daily occurrence for Biden whether it’s about the inflation rate, the border, the economy, his scams with Hunter, Trump or anything else.

Recently, Biden has been peddling the notion that inflation was a whopping nine percent when he took office. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

The real inflation rate when Trump left office (even after Covid)…

When Biden assumed the presidency in January 2021, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation was actually 1.4 percent. Yes, you read that right – 1.4 percent, not nine. Inflation did balloon to 9.1 percent in June 2022, but that was over a year into Biden’s term. Biden.

Trying to rewrite history, are we, Joe? Yes, of course he is. But reality is something that most of us out here live in and we know how much better our lives were under Trump – especially economically. And we certainly remember how much less expensive things were under Trump.

Despite Biden’s repeated repeated repeated falsehoods about inflation, his claim has been thoroughly debunked by several media outlets – including his usual complicit left wing media buddies.

The media actually calls out the president on his lies (mostly).

The Associated Press fact-checked him, and they didn’t mince words. Their assessment was a straightforward “false.” They pointed out that inflation was at 1.4 percent when Biden took office and reached its peak of 9.1 percent well into his presidency. Apparently they actually have a calculator – and want to keep their credibility.

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CNN also stepped in to correct Biden, noting his slight-of-hand with numbers during a Yahoo Finance interview where he again spouted the misleading nine percent figure.

Even the usually Biden-friendly Washington Post couldn’t ignore his big lie, awarding Biden four Pinocchios. They also highlighted how Biden’s team tried to spin the narrative when Biden got caught lying, claiming he meant the conditions for high inflation were already in place when he took office.

Nope. That’s NOT what he meant.

And the only conditions that brought us to where we are now economically are BIDEN and the DEMOCRATS.

Is the Prez forgetful or a liar?

National Review didn’t hold back either, suggesting two possible explanations: either Biden is deliberately misleading the public or his memory is just that poor. Special counsel Robert Hur described Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory,” and instances like this lend some weight to that characterization. In fact, while we’re on the topic, that interview must really really be BAD since Biden is trying to keep it away from the the prying eyes of the public.

Why does Biden keep lying?

So why does Biden keep trotting out the nine percent figure on the inflation rate? Maybe he’s hoping repetition will make it true. Or perhaps he’s banking on the confusion to deflect from the real issue: under his watch, inflation skyrocketed to levels not seen since the early 1980s, largely thanks to his administration’s spending spree and war on American energy.

The fact is, Biden’s track record with the truth has always been shaky. Whether it’s his dubious inflation claims or his other tall tales (or his plagiarism), this latest gaffe is part of a broader pattern.

Everyday, he tries to gaslight an entire nation into believing his version of events and his media buddies usually help him to further his lies. However, this time there was math involved – which means the truth can’t be spun into a Democrat narrative – no matter how hard Biden and his allies try.

In the end, Biden’s inflation fib is just another example of why it’s crucial to stay informed and skeptical of political rhetoric coming from the Democrats. Numbers don’t lie, but Democrats always do.