I am not worried about America going hungry quite yet. Obesity might be the biggest medical and health factor in the US—and maybe ever. Diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses are all attributed to being fat—yes, I said it, being fat kills. I am too heavy—but Joe Biden’s economy may solve a good part of that.
You see, Bidenomics may put America on a much stricter diet—because your favorite restaurant may not be here much longer. The damage done to the economy by these people can be seen just about everywhere—but it might be the worst for those who own restaurants.

Here is just a partial list of the Restaurants shutting down locations or quitting altogether in 2024: 
Fuddruckers is expected to close all locations by the end of the year.
Old Country Buffet is closing all remaining locations.
IHOP is closing 100 locations.
Buffalo Wild Wings is closing all Canadian locations and 60 in the US.
Applebee’s is closing 35 locations.  
Red Lobster is closing 50 locations as they enter bankruptcy.
Denny’s is closing 20 locations by the end of the year.
Marie Callender’s is shutting down all locations.
Pizza Hut is planning to close 500 locations.
Outback Steakhouse is closing 41 locations.
Ruby Tuesday is closing 16 more locations in 2024.
Joe’s Crab Shack is closing 41 of their 60 locations.
Bonefish Grill is closing seven locations.
And that is just some of the pain being inflicted by the reckless tax and spending policies being pushed down your throat by Democrats in 2024.
The good news may be that people actually have to cook at home.
However, the tens of thousands of jobs being lost are of no concern to the administration, which continues to boast about how wonderful everything is.

But how do people in America really feel about all of this? In the South Bronx—a place Democrats have always won—they seem to be having a change of heart.

The economy and rampant inflation have nothing to do with being black or white. It has to do with trying to survive—and when Democrats keep lecturing people about how good the economy is, they are just turning people off. Brand new polling in New York, of all places, shows that it is, believe it or not, a single-digit race. That’s right, Joe Biden and his reckless policies have pushed us all to the point that even New York is like, “Wait a minute—this sucks.”

Inside the White House, we are told Joe is defiant and refuses to believe that he is getting crushed by Donald Trump. As my mother always said, “Actions speak louder than words,” and when his team challenged Donald Trump to a pair of debates, I said this was a public panic moment. I believe it is a serious prime-time test to see if Joe can survive being on stage for 90 minutes or two hours with no teleprompter and no staff members to usher him out of the room. It’s also a clear indication that whether Joe admits it or not, his team knows they are losing.

And to me, it all keeps coming back to people going broke. They have over $1 trillion in credit card debt, foreclosures are on the rise, and most people are unable to cover a $1000 emergency if they had to.
Everywhere they look, they are reminded of how expensive it is to live under Joe Biden.
The only people who seem to think everything is going great are those who tell everyone else how great things are. Like I keep telling you, the more they explain, the more they lose. You know it, I know it—hell, they know it!

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And there are some die-hards in the media—people making well over a million dollars a year, willing to talk down to you and tell you, “Hey, Wendy’s has a $3 value meal—what are you complaining about?”

MSNBC brought out the president of Chicago’s Federal Reserve Bank to explain how good everything is despite what you see. Apparently, we just can’t understand the economic situation.

There you have it. You are confused, and you need some man-splaining to understand how wonderful everything really is.