In a scene reminiscent of a chaotic sitcom, the NYPD rolled into Columbia University like the cavalry in an old Western on Tuesday evening, ready to quell the uprising of pro-Palestine (anti-Israel) activists who had apparently mistaken the campus buildings for their own personal Airbnb.

Dangerous insurrectionists take over college campuses.

The locations of the reality shows in college and university campuses all across the country have been called “liberation zones” by the protesters and “encampments” by the media. The protesters involved are called “rioters” and “insurrectionists” by me.

Merriam-Webster concurs. Insurrection: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

The protests against Israel aren’t just confined to the college officials though; they extend to fellow students as well. This represents a notable departure from the typical protest approach of the leftist Democratic Party – although to be fair, when they were protesting against the government’s involvement in Vietnam, they also fervently went after the American soldiers who were fighting the war.

NYPD finally allowed to stop the chaos.

Stopping the insurrectionists was the NYPD with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop. Riot cops stormed in to restore order to the Ivy League chaos at Columbia, leaving no stairway unwalked and no protester un-arrested. The NYPD were also the ones to put the American flag back on the flag pole where it belongs.

The NYPD arrested hundreds, including most likely those who were previously complaining that they didn’t have enough food to eat. Apparently DoorDash wasn’t delivering and the George Soros and Democrat Act Blu fundraisers weren’t coming through fast enough for the rioters to get them all of the pizza, sodas and supplies that they needed.

Cowards won’t show their faces.

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The rioters had plenty of face coverings though. Cowards that they are, they don’t want to be identified by the media for fear of being arrested, suspended, expelled, harassed or doxed – something that the antisemites all deserve.

So they wear COVID-19 masks and Palestinian kaffiyehs (a symbol of Palestinian nationalism in their fight against Israel) to hide their identities. The rioters and protesters want the colleges and universities to be accountable for their actions – but the rioters don’t want to be accountable for what THEY are doing.

Rioters removed and arrested.

As if scripted for a reality TV show, almost 300 individuals found themselves in the spotlight of police attention at Columbia as they were forcibly removed from Hamilton Hall and elsewhere they were occupying illegally, their aspirations of campus revolution swiftly thwarted by the long arm of the law.

This long arm all will continue to be on campus until at least May 17th which is two days after graduation.

Videos captured the Keystone Cops-esque spectacle of protesting rioters stumbling down stairs in a panic as the boys in blue flooded the campus, armed with flash bangs and riot shields. It was a performance worthy of a Hollywood movie.

It was a dramatic scene because the colleges and universities were cowards at the onset of the occupation which led to the protesters getting worse and worse, taking more and more liberties and making things more dangerous for Jewish students. That led, as it usually does when leftists are involved, to an escalation.

Columbia prez finally allowed police to step in and do something about rioters.

Late-to-the-party Columbia University President Minouche Shafik, must have felt like the director of a poorly received movie, forced to call in the police to salvage the production from descending into even more chaos.

The decision to invite the NYPD onto the stage was framed as a move to ensure the safety of the campus community, but it seemed more like an attempt to wrangle control back from the unruly extras who had hijacked the leftist scene

Will the insurrection last after college is dismissed for the summer? Some say yes.

The occupation of Hamilton Hall was just the latest episode in a series of campus clashes that have left administrators scrambling for damage control. After all, they don’t want to upset the white elitist females who are protesting – or the foreign-born Hamas supporters or the paid George Soros rioters.

The anti-Israel activists all around the country, fueled by a fervent belief in their cause, are refusing to take their final bow though no matter what the consequences are – and there don’t seem to be many. They are vowing to hold out until all of their colleges and universities meet their demands which mostly includes the call for them to divest from Israel. It’s a standoff that is both riveting television and tragic reality.

As the credits rolled on another night of campus drama, one thing was abundantly clear: the halls of academia have become the stage for a farcical production of political theater and antisemitism, with no shortage of drama, intrigue, and absurdity. And with tensions still simmering beneath the surface, it seems unlikely that the curtain would fall on this spectacle anytime soon.

NYPD puts the American flag where it belongs.

During the NYPD operation, a moment of brightness has emerged. Amidst the chaos caused by antisemitic insurrectionist rioters seizing the campus, who had replaced the American flag with a Palestinian one, two senior NYPD officials intervened. They swiftly removed the Palestinian flag, discarding it on the ground, and reinstated the stars and stripes. The video of this action was shared by Kaz Daughtry, the Deputy Commissioner for Operations at the NYPD, early on Wednesday.

God bless America.