Woke-topia is starting to eat itself, and the acceleration toward violence is very concerning today.

The spread of antisemitic mobs on college campuses is being met with outrage by some and celebration by others—and it is heading to an inevitable outcome that will not be good for anyone.

The largest, most strident crowd is in New York City on the Campus of the Ivy League Columbia—this lays bare the racist foundations of the modern progressive movement and its ideological parent, the Democrat Party.

And how likely is it that this will end in bloodshed and violence? Well, if the pallets of bricks sitting in the middle of Columbia’s campus are any indication, this is already at a critical tipping point.

But where did all of this anger come from?

The march toward the open hatred of Jews began a while ago and has been fueled ever since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks.

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The passage of a foreign aid package totaling $28 billion for Israel in the House of Representatives will ramp up the already dangerous powder keg.

This is more evidence that weakness in the White House leads not only to violence like we saw on October 7 but also to other wars, skirmishes, and threats.

Joe Biden is not equipped to handle the expanding protest that threatens to engulf Columbia and other colleges and universities nationwide.
It seems the battle lines have been drawn as dozens of Columbia professors walked out of class Monday to join their anti-Jewish students.
Jewish students were told to flee campus as the university could no longer guarantee their safety.

On top of that, a tenured professor is no longer allowed to return to campus because he sided with Israel over Palestine.

That’s right, while pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist students terrorize anyone who is Jewish or supports Israel’s right to exist, a leading, tenured Jewish professor has been tossed out of school and barred from even coming onto the campus.

But make no mistake, the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish factions are not the only ones willing to speak up and be heard.

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is denouncing the racist mob, and he is not alone by any stretch of the imagination.

New York City Council members are denouncing the hate speech emanating from this once proud university.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, said he would not be supporting Columbia, his alma mater, and many other alumni and supporters who were following suit and closing their checkbooks.

Critics of the entire fiasco wonder why New York Governor Kathy Hochul has done nothing to control the situation.
You know, I am old enough to remember when committing crimes was illegal in America, and those who suggested otherwise were set straight, as they should be!