Welcome to the Summer of Hate—because it’s coming, and it will dwarf 2020’s riots; that was just a test run compared to what is coming.

It begins by creating clear lines of division: this time, they claim, it’s because of the ongoing war in Gaza. That is a red herring, but it’s what they are using to ramp up the anger and, soon, the violence in the streets.

The rise of Jewish hatred across America is shocking, to say the least; it’s something most of us never thought we would see in our lifetimes.

It’s a vein of racism so repugnant that many of its purveyors deny the Holocaust ever took place, despite orders from General Dwight Eisenhower for his troops to document the horrors of Dachau, Buchenwald, and Auschwitz.

He forced German citizens to walk past mass graves of emaciated bodies piled like cordwood. He made them look at the horror that had been inflicted on the Jewish population and others in the name of racial purity.

Eisenhower demanded these things happen so that the genocide and the atrocities would never be forgotten. He ordered journalists and photographers to write all about it so the world would never forget.

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But the world has forgotten.

And now, once again, Jewish people are in fear for their lives and their safety. This is not happening in some faraway land but here, in Joe Biden’s America.
Instead of pointing out how misguided the mobs are at Columbia University, Yale, NYU, Michigan, and other schools across the nation, Biden gives a half-hearted condemnation of the turbulent mobs while simultaneously condemning Israel’s actions against Hamas.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, 2,200 Americans died, and we retaliated by killing 3.5 million of them.
9/11 cost 2,997 people their lives here in the US, and we killed half a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Funny how nobody seemed to care much about that—and why not? Well, when you run through the numbers like that, it seems there can only be one answer: the mainstream media seems to be waking up to the monster they have created on the left.
And that is just the beginning of the backlash. Many Jews in America who once thought they were at home with the Democrat Party are learning that they are no longer welcome—and I doubt they ever really were. They were just politically convenient and easy to keep around.

But now, the Democrats and the left are pledging their allegiance to the people supporting Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations—leaving some lifelong Democrats and Jews with ice water in their veins.

Alan Dershowitz, for one, says he is no longer loyal to the Democrat party.

Democrats who encouraged the invasion of the southern border must wonder who we let in and if it has fueled the antisemitic fire.

The other question is who is footing the bill for all these people. It’s very curious how well-organized and well-funded it all appears.

Most college kids can’t organize their class schedule a week in advance, but in this case, they can build an occupation not just on one campus but all over the nation. Each day, more kids on more campuses are either joining or trying to join the side of the terrorist killers.

These kids are all being brought together by some outside force.

And about all those tents that look the same—yeah, I saw that with the tent cities built in Chicago recently to house illegals. The tents and the set-ups are all the same, block after block. That means this movement is organized and funded.

After the tents are set up and the occupation begins, the fuse for something much more significant is lit. Video of students chanting Muslim chants is emerging.

There is just no way this doesn’t end with violence.
Here is something that makes that prediction so easy:

Instead of dealing with the self-inflicted crisis by taking control of the uprising, Columbia told the students they would be remotely conducting the rest of the year. That $70,000 annual education is coming through on Zoom.
Some of the kids enrolled there think that might be the best option for everything that is going on.

You may think that Congress or the governor will step up and do something about things, but instead, high-profile politicians like Bernie Sanders fan the flames and insinuate that the war in Palestine is about destroying the inhabitants.

But Bernie isn’t in the majority—and neither are the hate-mongers at Columbia or anywhere else.

This is not good politically for Joe Biden and the Democrats—they have already lost the Jewish vote in November, and it may get a lot worse.