I understand the tradition and pride of voting on Election Day, but our current reality demands that we adapt to PROTECT our voices in the democratic process.

Consider this: what if certain groups, like pro-Palestinians or abortion supporters decide to disrupt polling places or major thoroughfares like bridges or roads on Election Day?

Whether it’s a rally or protest, such events could hinder your ability to cast your ballot.

The timing of your vote could be crucial – before work, during lunch, or after work, fitting it in between family responsibilities. Any interruption could jeopardize your opportunity to vote.

In addition to that, unforeseen emergencies or personal circumstances could arise, preventing you from voting on Election Day. It’s a grim reality, but we must acknowledge the possibility.

That’s why I advocate for voting early or by mail. It’s a proactive approach to ensure your vote is counted regardless of what may occur on Election Day.

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Even though former President Trump disparages mail-in ballots, we have to think and act strategically and make decisions based on our own judgment rather than blindly following any political figure.

In the end, whether we prefer early or mail-in voting, what matters is safeguarding our right to participate in the democratic process. Don’t let the Democrats (or Trump) do anything to impede that.