The trial of President Trump is one of two major stories we are following today. The second is the ongoing war in Gaza and Israel’s potential response to the attacks against the Jewish state by Iran on Saturday.

I will begin with the trial of Donald Trump, who is the first president in American history to face a criminal trial. This one is such a stretch, and it is difficult even to understand how we got here.

The original charge would have been a misdemeanor for altering business documents—and that one already went away because of the statute of limitations. But DA Alvin Bragg somehow resurrected it by trying to say hush money paid to Stormy Daniels in a non-disclosure agreement should not have been paid by Trump directly by his campaign. That is actually not true, and it seems to me that it would have been an actual crime.

Yes, the lengths they will go to try to get President Trump is truly remarkable.

I needed some help to unravel the whole mess, and this is what I came up with—a sober and honest voice in a blizzard of lies and BS. Jonathan Turley calls it a Frankenstein of a case because the prosecutors are attaching a dead misdemeanor to a dead felony case and bringing them both back to life.

Yes, it is a Frankenstein case that nobody understands—most notably some of the most noted legal minds in America today.

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And the judge in the case is playing hardball with the defendant.
Jury selection is expected to take at least the next two weeks or more, but Donald Trump is not allowed to miss any of it, not even for his son’s graduation.

So, this circus will be playing in New York for weeks to come. The jury, picked from the very dark blue borough of Manhattan, will convict the former President, who will then appeal. It will keep rolling along until such time that it is ultimately thrown out for violating every norm in the book. Not to mention, no crime has been committed that any sane person can actually point to here.

Meanwhile, the current president came out to discuss the attacks on Israel over the weekend—but it must have been really boring because Sleepy Joe wasn’t into it.

He needs to get more rest—a man of his age needs to get enough sleep, or something embarrassing may happen with the cameras rolling.

Anyway, the rest of the people around him were happy to make it clear that the American policy on Israel has changed dramatically under Joe Bidens sleepy supervision. America no longer stands with Israel, it seems.

The real problem for Joe and his clowns on the Hill may not be the potential war with Iran but supporting Israel at all.

So, what is Joe going to do? It seems pretty obvious that he doesn’t want to support Israel the way America always has because it is a stone-cold loser with young people and with large numbers of people in Minnesota and Michigan.
It’s a tough spot, alright—and one that many of his staunchest supporters say he cannot wiggle out of.