Yes, it’s no more complicated than that. The Democrats have two things that will guide their election campaign to secure the votes of their base: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and abortion.

While the country goes down the tubes, the only concerns of the Democrats are Trump and abortion.

They don’t care about crime. illegal immigration or the fact that they have a LOT less spending money than they used to. Or censorship or dangerous vaccines they are forced to take. Or poison in their food and water. Or Israel, Ukraine or Iran. Or even climate change. At least, they don’t care as much about those things as they hate Trump and love abortion.

Forget nuanced policy discussions or pragmatic approaches to governance; for them, it boils down to two core tenets: detesting the former president and advocating for the unrestricted slaughter of the unborn.

The Trump obsession.

Let’s unpack their priorities, shall we? First up, the Trump obsession. It’s not just a dislike or disagreement; it’s a full-blown case of TDS that, for most of them, demands therapy and/or medication if they were actually to be diagnosed. And it’s been going on for years so it’s not something that will soon pass.

From Trump’s Twitter/X antics to his unconventional presidency, Democrats have been in a perpetual state of outrage since day one. But what lies beneath this seething hatred? It’s not just about policy differences; it’s personal. They despise his demeanor, his wealth, his success, his pro-American vision – basically, everything he represents.

Democrats are very very anti-MAGA.

They especially hate Trump’s “MAGA” philosophy. Make America Great Again. They also hate anyone who supports MAGA. Why does America need to be “great” anyway, they wonder. We’re just like everyone else. We shouldn’t put ourselves above any other country. They use the phrase like a sword in admonishing and shaming us, calling us ‘MAGA extremists.”

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Yes, I’m a MAGA extremist. I EXTREMELY want America to be great again. I want to take our country back from the likes of the progressive disgusting anti-American Democrats who are flushing America down the toilet.

No Orange Man in the White House is their goal.

Democrats don’t focus on substantive issues like the economy or national security; for Democrats, it’s all about the Orange Man Bad and keeping him from getting into the Oval Office again. And they won’t debate anything. They are right and we are wrong. They will censor us at every opportunity.

Now, onto their second obsession: abortion. Oh, sorry, I mean “reproductive rights” – because let’s sugarcoat it with euphemisms, shall we?

“Choosing” the killing of a baby is at the top of their priority list.

Democrats go to bat for abortion access like it’s their sacred duty. They champion the right to “choose” while conveniently ignoring the fact that the choice they are advocating for ends a human life.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: abortion is wrong. There, I said it. Democrats may try to dress it up as healthcare or bodily autonomy, but at its core, it’s the deliberate termination of a developing human life. And Democrats are all too eager to defend this barbaric practice under the guise of progressivism. And most of them don’t care if the abortion is done at month one, two or nine. If you are trying to save a baby, you are taking away the “rights” of the woman, they cry.

Shockingly, I came across an article in the Jerusalem Post that says 60% of U.S. Catholics say abortion should be legal according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. I contend that these folks are NOT Christians. If religion becomes a mere SELECTION of beliefs by its followers, with the option of seeking forgiveness for purposely and continually disregarding some of the biggest sins, what meaningful purpose does it serve?

As we move toward the November elections, in the grand scheme of things, the Democrats’ electoral playbook can be summed up in four simple words: Hate Trump, kill babies.