The stage for The Columbia War was set after the far-left New York City Ivy League administration issued another meaningless deadline.

The school had given the students and faculty members supporting Hamas until 2 pm Monday afternoon to clear their encampment from the middle of Campus.
But once again, nothing happened. The deadline came and went, and the New York City police stood there waiting for instructions that never came. Instead, they watched as hundreds of new protestors streamed onto campus.

This sets the stage for a long and violent encounter when the university finally is forced to move in and take out the trash.

And just as I had been predicting—the antisemitic mob took its cue from the weak administration and moved overnight to seize a building on campus—smashing windows and barricading the entrances.

Hamilton Hall, where the Dean is housed, was the target. The attackers also briefly took hostage before the university worker was allowed to leave after screaming at protestors.

21 House Democrats issued a demand for Columbia to clear the campus, explaining that the Columbia administration had “tacitly acknowledged that the encampment had created an impermissibly hostile and unsafe environment for Jewish students by resorting to hybrid learning appearing to violate Title VI of the civil rights code.”

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In other words, instead of solving the root cause of the discrimination and harassment that students faced on campus, the administration decided to segregate some students from campus altogether—which naturally created an unsafe environment on campus for all students.

But this is just a small faction of the Democrats. Many others are openly hostile to Israel and the Jewish people in general—and this is the holy war that is tearing the left apart.
And I have been telling you this holy war would wreak havoc on the Democrat Party—ever since the lines of division began to appear after October 7.

Let me lay out some more examples of how the left is now starting to consume itself.
Once a bully is allowed to terrorize one group of people and gain power from it—the appetite for more becomes insatiable, and that is exactly what is happening—the left is eating its own.

Tim Kaine could not answer whether Columbia’s administration had a role to play in the ongoing situation, saying it is a tough question to answer and nothing else.

That is a weak answer to something that should be very easy for the former VP nominee to lay out in strong terms. Instead, he waffles because he fears the fringe in his party, like AOC and Ilhan Omar.

And, of course, this mind virus that infects the kids was passed to them by antisemitic professors and teachers who called Israel an apartheid state or compared the Jewish state to Nazi Germany while dismissing the holocaust as overstated.

Yes, it really is a sad commentary on the state of affairs on America’s college campuses.

The Columbia War will erupt soon enough, and the same battles will happen all over America. Some states like Texas are not dealing with it—nor is Georgia. Campuses in those states are being cleared with military precision—and the terrorists in training are being dragged away—some in handcuffs while others just cower and run.
But in California, it’s still open season on those who dare to be students and be Jewish at the same time.

This brings me to the rise of antisemitism and the spread of racism here and throughout the Western World.

Konstantin Kisin says this is what you get when you import millions of people who “hate Jews.”
I cannot tell you how long until there is a massive outbreak of violence at Columbia or some of the other colleges and universities that are currently placating the juvenile delinquents that support Hamas, Hezbollah, and the like. I can guarantee you it is coming, and it’s going to trigger more violence around the country. You must consider the likely possibility that some of the millions of illegal aliens that flooded into America will join the fight and up the ante.

After all, this is the foundation for an attack on America that will make 9/11 look like a dress rehearsal.

In fact, several attacks could paralyze the country in fear and be the impetus for martial law everywhere.

Yeah, I cannot put that one past the people pulling the strings of the most unpopular President ever!

They are willing to do whatever it takes to cling to power in the name of Democracy!