Well, thankfully, we survived the end of the world yesterday. The total eclipse witnessed by millions from the South Pacific to Canada was fascinating, but as they always do, the doomsday theories came up empty.
Don’t worry. God will be along on his timetable—not ours.

So while God is deciding when that may be, let’s turn our attention to Joe Biden, the Democrats, and those running this country who do not believe laws apply to them.

They will not consult Congress and will thumb their collective noses at anyone who raises their voice in objection. Joe and his minions will do whatever they want and whenever they want, and they do not care about you or what you might think about any of it. They are in hot pursuit of a one-party system—and they are so power-hungry they can taste it!

Let’s start with Joe Biden’s proclamation in Wisconsin yesterday that he is going to forgive billions of dollars in student loans and he doesn’t care that the Supreme Court has already struck it down.
Strangely enough, it was the woman just one faint heartbeat away from sitting in the big chair who did a better job explaining how this would work.

Millions of people with undergraduate and professional degrees are eligible to have their loans completely paid for. Just in time for election season. Kamala says that your loans will be forgiven even if you didn’t graduate!

And I want you to understand exactly what ole’ Kamala said right there. She wants you and me to pay off student loans for people who make a lot more money than we do.
It doesn’t matter if you are a high-priced lawyer, surgeon, or businessman; if you still have student loans, the American taxpayers are getting that bill.

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If you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter, or work on the line for General Motors, that doesn’t matter. Joe is sending the working men and women of America the bill for the kids who were lucky enough to go to college. It doesn’t even matter if you made it out. Even if you went off to college, got drunk, and flunked out, the American taxpayers are picking up your tab—so maybe you can drink even more.

If you were kicked out of college for bad behavior and you still owe money, great news! American taxpayers are picking up the tab, too!

Ain’t this great? It just doesn’t matter who you are; Joe Biden and the Democrats want to buy your vote with other people’s money!

And remember, the Supreme Court said this was unconstitutional, and nobody in the administration cares. They will do whatever they want.

But I did notice something weird about Monday. Biden bragged about ignoring the Supreme Court on student debt forgiveness, and no one seemed to care.

Why was there not one minute of coverage on MSDNC or Chicken Noodle News? It makes me think they know this is not a popular idea beyond those folks getting their neighbors to pay their bills.

Not even Nancy Pelosi thinks the president has that power.
She was right—this is not something Joe Biden has the power to do. Only an act of Congress can transfer billions of dollars in debt from individuals to taxpayers.

Of course, the lawlessness on student loans is predictable. I mean, the Democrats have to buy votes where they can—and manufacture them where they can, too.

This is why the border remains wide open, and illegals are getting dumped in certain zip codes.

Over 300,000 illegals were dumped in the ever-reddening South Florida, a clear move to take it back for the blue team.

Oh, and let me tie a couple of things together for you here. It turns out that the huge job growth numbers they were talking about applied only to foreign-born workers. The number of US-born workers declined by nearly 80,000.

And the effort to keep the border open, put a finger on the jobs report, and impact, elections should be perfectly fine with you—unless you are a white supremacist.
Yeah, that is the latest talking point being tested by the Democrats.

I don’t think this whole border thing ends well for the Democrats or America.