The suspension of 16-year-old student, Christian McGhee, by the PC police at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina, for using the term “illegal alien” during an English class assignment, has sparked outrage and controversy.

Suspended by the leftist PC vocabulary police.

According to a report by the Carolina Journal, McGhee faced a three-day suspension recently after his use of the term “illegal alien” led to a confrontation with another student and subsequently caught the attention of school authorities after the other student physically threatened McGhee (according to the Daily Mail).

Was THAT student suspended?! Probably not.

Leah McGhee, the student’s mother, explained that the incident occurred during a vocabulary exercise that included the word “alien.”

Student asks a question, gets punished.

When her son sought clarification by asking if it referred to “space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards,” it triggered a disagreement with another student, ultimately resulting in the intervention of the assistant principal.

School administrators deemed the student’s use of the term “offensive and disrespectful” towards Hispanic classmates, leading to his suspension. However, the student defended himself, clarifying that he was merely asking a question and not directing any statement towards anyone. He highlighted that the term “illegal alien” is a commonly used term found both in news reports and dictionaries.

All over the internet now, the student has been branded a racist by the school.

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The repercussions of the suspension extend beyond mere disciplinary action. The student’s mother expressed concerns about the potential impact on her son’s academic record and his aspirations for an athletic scholarship after the school has branded him as a racist.

Being actively involved in school clubs, track, and cross country, the suspension could jeopardize his future prospects. It might already be too late now that the boy’s name has been Google-itizied.

But leftists don’t care about things like that when they can shame and punish folks, even minors, for using terms not sanctioned by the Democrat party and their media accomplices – who constantly lecture us on what we can say and how we are supposed to behave.

School won’t back down – or apologize.

Despite efforts to resolve the situation, including engagement with school officials and seeking legal counsel, the assistant principal has, so far, refused to remove the infraction from the student’s record.

State Senator Steve Jarvis has intervened, urging the school district’s superintendent to ensure a fair resolution.

The incident has attracted attention beyond the local community, with public figures such as Elon Musk denouncing it as “absurd.” Additionally, it raises broader questions about freedom of expression and the handling of sensitive topics in educational settings.

What freedom? Yes, anyone who disagrees with leftists HAS NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And if the leftists had their way, we’d have no freedom at all. Just ask former President Trump, who the Democrats are trying to throw in the clink.