It really shouldn’t be a “shock” poll. Americans don’t want to be crime victims – or dead. And no matter how much the Democrats and their friends in the media spin things, the unchecked border crisis is responsible for an unchecked crime crisis in the country – drugs, sex trafficking, LOTS of child sexual criminal conduct, DUIs, robberies and murders…

A great resource to track illegal alien activity in the country…

Just check out the website Border Hawk on any given day to see how bad the illegal alien crime crisis is in our country and all over the world.

Gaslighting Democrats say crime is not a problem.

But it’s an election year so Democrats are trying to convince us that there ISN’T an illegal alien crime crisis – or any kind of crime crisis for that matter. Crime is down they say. What they don’t say is that the stats that they are using from the FBI don’t include information from the police in some of the biggest cities including Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC.

Let me say that again – no crime data from Chicago, Los Angeles and the NYC. That makes their “crime is down” mantra totally BOGUS.

And then there’s the fact that crimes are being ignored all over the country – and not prosecuted at the fullest extent of the law because many of the the criminals are considered “disproportionately affected” and the Democrats cut them a break.

Crime is actually not being pursued because of leftist policies.

NEWSFLASH: When you don’t have anti-loitering laws and you have areas where drugs can be used out in the open, and you don’t arrest people for stealing things out of Walgreens, you, of course don’t have any “crime” because you aren’t enforcing any laws.

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Then there are the plea deals. A crime that would have been classified as an aggravated assault gets pleaded down to a misdemeanor assault. And voilà, abracadabra, ta-da…less violent crime.

And, of course, there is a lot of underreported crimes like domestic violence (which is a prevalent crime among the population of Mexico) – and crimes that businesses who are reluctant to call the police about – or don’t bother because they know that nothing will be done.

But WE live in reality and the polling shows it.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us to watch daily media reports about what is REALLY going on in our communities – and it leaves us to LIVE IN REALITY, not the fake fairytale world that the Democrats are spinning.

And that has resulted in a poll of 1,432 people from a survey where 76% of voters said they are worried about killers, rapists and thieves sneaking across the US-Mexico border. 76%. Even more worrisome for the Biden campaign is the fact that even 69% of Democrats say that too many crooks are coming into the country.

Trump is right – and has been all along.

Yes, Trump was right. Say again? Yes, Trump was right about the border and crime when he ran for president the first time and he’s right again now. Trump calls it the ‘Biden Bloodbath’ and that’s truly what it’s becoming – on many fronts.

The country is not just facing problems with American degenerates squatting in other people’s homes, there are millions and millions of foreign squatters who are living the high life in the United States – ferried around the country on planes, trains and automobiles by the government to the city of their choosing.

The freebies that illegal aliens are given is not enough for some.

The illegal aliens are getting treated far better than most taxpaying American citizens. They get free healthcare, free education, free cell phones, housing vouchers, diapers, food, free legal help, and much more along the way – from NGOs, non-profits, churches and taxpayer money from state and federal governments.

But for a lot of illegal aliens, it seems that all of the handouts are just not enough. They need more. And they have brought their criminal lifestyles and gang affiliations with them like the “south American crime tourists” breaking into homes in Michigan.

Voter mobilization effort is going gangbusters.

The purposeful open border initiative has become the biggest, most successful voting operation that a political party has ever come up with. It’s really ingenious. Bravo to the Democrat Party. And the fact that they are willing to bring in so many future voters into the country at any cost to the American people and yet still get elected into power, well that’s been a pretty ingenious plan as well.

And guess what? The government also has another great scam going on to hide how many crimes that illegal aliens are committing. Some police jurisdictions can’t even ask about citizenship and many others don’t have any kind of a “citizenship” line in their police reports to document the numbers.

About the only way we might ever get close to finding out about how many crimes illegal aliens have committed in the country is to do a FOIA on ICE to find out how many detainers they have in all of the counties in the country. However, under the current Biden administration, that FOIA would never be fulfilled.

But even if it was, it still wouldn’t give us a full picture of what is going on. And that’s exactly how the Democrats want it.

But hold on a minute…because there’s a report out about how Homeland Security is “monitoring” over 600,000 criminal illegal aliens in the United States. 600,000?! That’s a LOT. It’s certainly a “problem” for sure. More on that tomorrow…