In recent announcements across the country, concerning decisions have sparked outrage and shed light on a concerning trend: the government’s apparent prioritization of illegal aliens over veterans.

While cities like New York and Boston grapple with housing and support issues, the allocation of resources paints a stark picture of misplaced priorities.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to distribute prepaid debit cards to illegal migrant families, coupled with their accommodation in select hotels at taxpayers’ expense, exemplifies a concerning trend.

Lots of money for “migrants,” nothing for veterans.

Each migrant family could receive up to $10,000 in taxpayer money, raising questions about the fairness and allocation of public funds. Meanwhile, American service members, who risk their lives to protect the nation, face financial disparities even while deployed overseas.

The Democrats don’t seem to care about them though – or how many of our brave veterans are facing addiction and homelessness on the streets. But it an illegal alien stubs a toe, gets a hangnail or is inconvenience in any way, the Democrats ride to their rescue.

The discrepancy in compensation between illegal aliens and American service members is staggering. Despite their sacrifices, soldiers and their families endure financial hardships, with little relief provided by the government.

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In contrast, illegal migrants in New York and elsewhere can receive significant financial assistance and other resources. While soldiers and veterans struggle to make ends meet, illegal aliens are able to receive substantial support, raising questions about fairness and equity.

Equity? That is that? There is no equity unless the Democrats have APPROVED you to be someone deserving of equity.

Boston facility going from housing veterans to housing illegal aliens.

The situation is exacerbated further in Massachusetts, where a former veteran housing facility in Boston is slated to be repurposed as a shelter for migrants according to the Daily Mail. This decision has sparked outrage among residents, who question why resources are allocated to migrants while veterans face homelessness.

Why indeed.