“Let Joe Be Joe,” they said, and they decided at the highest levels that would be the plan.

“Let Joe Be Joe”
Yeah, that’s the best idea the Democrats have had since Bidenomics—another big winner for them with voters.
How has it turned out? Not very well, it seems.

New polls now prove that Biden is the least popular president in at least 70 years.

The Gallup polling put him at the end of a list of 10 presidents going back to Dwight Eisenhower—and Joe isn’t even competing to get out of last place.

Talking about accomplishments, that is one crazy feat for the President of the United States to be less popular than Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, or Donald Trump—that is some rare air.

Let Joe Be Joe, they kept saying. He is such an affable fella that everyone will love Grandpa Joe—they will eat him up.

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I guess they didn’t count on Joe recounting tales of cannibals eating his uncle during World War 2, his time eating up the road in an 18-wheeler, or just getting eaten up by the teleprompter, pathetically calling to pause after weakly chanting “four more years.”

Yeah, Let Joe Be Joe has been a great idea for Republicans and Donald Trump, whose numbers continue to surge nationally and in the seven critical swing states—two of which should not even be on the list anymore.
For Team Biden, it’s been a real disaster.

Even the annual gathering of the obedient national press under the guise of the White House Correspondents Dinner could not shake the smell off this administration or its failing leader.

Yeah, the lapdogs could not even dodge the anti-Israel protestors outside the event, and once they got inside, the atmosphere really didn’t improve. No surprise, the jokes weren’t funny. But we’ve known that for a while now.

Like Jerry Seinfeld and I have been saying for almost 20 years—it is time to lighten up and let comedy be funny again.

That correspondent’s dinner wasn’t the worst news for Joe this week, either.

You see, black voters are dumping Joe Biden—and it’s all part of the slow-moving collapse of this government that is so tone-deaf it cannot even figure out what is going on.
For people living in the real world, what is happening in America is no laughing matter, and they don’t think anyone is listening.

No matter where they look, it doesn’t look good for Grandpa Joe.
Afroman made a Hunter Biden remix of his song “Because I Got High.” The Bidens are a punchline across the nation and the world.
Despite what the media says, Joe is floundering in the polls, and it won’t improve.  
The next step to right the ship was canning Karine Jean-Pierre, but somebody leaked that to the press, so it looks like Karine is here to stay through November—that should make things better, huh? They’ll at least stay entertaining.