I used to wonder how Hitler and the Holocaust happened. Now I know. I see it every day. And it’s not just the Dearborn crowd shouting “Death to America, death to Israel!”

Democrats are okay now being seen as anti-semite.

It’s also our elected politicians. Right up to President Dementia – who is so scared of losing Michigan anti-semite voters and the election to former President Trump, that he’s selling out Israel, at least with his words. However, the far leftists say it’s not enough as long as American is still sending weapons to Israel.

All around the country, the crazy anti-semites are acting like the Hamas terrorists are the victims and that any actions against them must be stopped. There are protest everywhere and vile words said about Israel and the jews.

Anti-Israel protesters are radicalizing.

On Gateway Pundit, the headline screams “Rutgers President Abandons Terrified Jewish Students – Flees Town Hall as Pro-Hamas Radicals Shout Anti-Israel Slogans and Calling for an Intifada.”

And reported by Fox News on Tuesday, a group of about 50 anti-Israel agitators shut down a senate cafeteria inside the Dirksen Senate Office Building yelling, “End the occupation and the war,” “Children are starving in Gaza” and “People are dying in Gaza.”

Surprisingly, arrests were actually made as “It is illegal to demonstrate inside any of the Congressional Buildings,” the Capitol Police said in a statement.

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But will they be in prison for a zillion years like the January 6th protesters? Not a chance. The anti- Israel insurrectionists told the police, “This is the house of the people!” However, they obviously mean it’s only the house to their kind of people – not Trump people. Hypocrite, much?

Anti-semitism no longer under wraps.

So while anti-Israel sentiment used to be kept under wraps and often disguised as a BDS movement (The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), the anti-semites are okay now with being coming completely out of the closet with their anti-semitism and their cutesy slogans.

The Hitleresque hatred of jews which has been incremental for a while is not incremental anymore.