In the heart of New York City, chaos reigns as the illegal alien crisis tightens its grip, disrupting the lives of its residents in unforeseen ways. The recent cancellation of a youth soccer game serves as a poignant example of the tensions bubbling beneath the surface as the purposeful Democrat-created border crisis impedes the lives of Americans.

Limited resources get funneled to illegal aliens.

With over 175,000 illegal aliens flooding into NYC and approximately 67,500 currently housed in temporary shelters, the strain on resources is palpable. And with a government catering to them with taxpayer money and unlimited provisions, the foreigners have become embolden, living in our country with a sense of entitlement.

Even though the illegal aliens/future Democrat voters get free trips from the Biden administration, free food, housing vouchers, free health care, free education and more… that’s just not enough. They also believe they are immune from our laws, rules and common decency. And it’s becoming more apparent that they are going to go ahead and do what they want. Because who is going to stop them?

At Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem recently, the Manhattan Kickers under-17 soccer team found themselves at the center of the open border storm. Their scheduled game against FA New York was marred by the refusal of a group of illegal aliens, reported to be Africans, to vacate the field.

Coach Erik Johansson recounted his futile attempts to reason with them, only to be met with defiance. The Daily Mail reports the coach as saying, ‘I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f**k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want.”

Even law enforcement intervention failed to disperse the group.

The incident served as a sharp wake-up call for both young soccer teams and their parents, highlighting the precarious nature of safety within their city. Even the simple act of organizing a soccer game in accordance with regulations became daunting. Despite having obtained the required permits, they were forced to cancel the game due to concerns for their safety. They also made a unanimous decision to steer clear of the park in the future. Good call.

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Maud Maron, a concerned team mother, lamented the message conveyed to the children – that flouting rules yields victory. She decried the increasing lawlessness permeating NYC, echoing sentiments of many disillusioned residents. For Johansson, a native of Sweden, the parallels with his homeland’s struggles were all too familiar, serving as a sobering reminder of the gravity of the situation.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has committed significant resources and taxpayer dollars for the caregiving of the illegal aliens, earmarking $12 billion over the next three years for emergency shelters and support services. Other services for legal residents of the city are being cut to support the foreigners.

Here’s a suggestion, for the mayor: maybe quit supporting them and they might actually leave your city. Just a thought.

The burden placed on the city, not surprisingly, has elicited backlash from residents who are tired of getting the short end of the stick. But for them, and much of the country, their complaints are falling on deaf ears because illegal aliens/future Democrat voters are the ones who hold all of the political cards – and will continue to be catered to – until, of course, they start voting for Republicans. Then all bets are off.