In a bonehead move during a time when Biden has already raised the cost of your groceries, your energy, your vet bills and everything else…the Biden administration has once again demonstrated its disregard for the well-being of seniors by slashing Medicare Advantage benefits.

Despite the promises of affordability and quality care, President Biden’s actions paint a different picture, revealing a callous attitude towards the very people who rely on these benefits for their health and financial stability.

The touted affordability of Medicare Advantage plans, with average premiums as low as $18 per month, is now under threat due to these drastic Biden cuts.

33 million Seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes, will bear the brunt of these reductions, facing increased healthcare costs at a time when inflation is already straining their budgets. Analysts say that seniors could pay as much as $33 more a month out-of-pocket.

Dean Clancy, a senior health policy fellow, has rightly pointed out the disparity between Biden’s rhetoric of lowering healthcare costs and the harsh reality faced by seniors. Instead of empowering them with better options, the administration is stripping away vital benefits, making healthcare decisions even more difficult for those who rely on these plans.

The administration’s decision to cut base payments for Medicare Advantage plans further exacerbates the situation. Despite objections from insurers and healthcare experts, Biden’s team is pushing forward with these reductions, jeopardizing the stability of coverage for millions of seniors.

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Under the guise of making payments more accurate, these changes only serve to undermine the benefits that seniors depend on. Insurers warn that the net effect will be a reduction in benefits and an increase in costs for enrollees, painting a bleak picture of the future of Medicare Advantage.

Critics have rightly condemned Biden’s actions, with some drawing attention to his previous promises to protect entitlement programs like Medicare. The stark reality is that these cuts will directly impact the lives of millions of seniors, contradicting Biden’s assurances of safeguarding their healthcare.

As the November election looms, the administration’s gamble that beneficiaries won’t realize the extent of the damage until after the fact in their well-planned callous move.

Raymond James analyst Chris Meekins says, ”President Biden’s team is gambling that MA beneficiaries won’t realize before the election the benefits Biden’s team is causing them to lose come January 2025.”