The world is waiting to see if Israel will respond to Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack.

Most of the missiles and drones never made it to Israeli territory and were shot down over Jordan and Iraq. It appears those countries worked with the US and UK to keep too much damage from happening.

This cooperation shows that Iran is increasingly isolated on the world stage with no support even from its neighbors. The regime in Tehran also gave notice as much as 72 hours in advance of the planned attack. We are told the United States was among those tipped off to the plan.

So far, it appears one seven-year-old girl was the only person injured in the attack—though she is reported in critical condition.

This exposed what happens on the world stage when America is weak.
Rumors are that Joe Biden told Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, that Israel should not respond.
He is among many who want to curb the possible expansion of hostilities.

The question for Israel is how do you respond—and do you act as if Washington is directing you?

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Joe Biden’s weakness has created a very dangerous world, starting with his failed Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 Americans dead and Bagram Air Force base in Chinese hands.
The ongoing war in Ukraine was not even on the horizon in January of 2021 when Donald Trump was wrapping up his tenure in the Oval Office—but one year later, Russian tanks rolled in.

The administration’s feeble response to the Houthi rebels—backed by Iranian money and weapons—continues to embolden those who think Washington is not going to respond to much of anything.

It’s a far cry from the response they got when Ronald Reagan faced a similar challenge and decided to sink pirate ships and put the world on notice that America would not tolerate such warlike behavior.

Meanwhile, China is ramping up its rhetoric over Taiwan and is now threatening the Philippines in territorial disputes. Of course, China has such arguments with every single one of its neighbors—but this one comes with a US mutual defense treaty.

And don’t think for a second that Beijing would not appreciate a US entanglement in a wider Middle East war. That would open up new possibilities for the Peoples Liberation Army to make some land grabs of its own.

Which brings us back to the events over the weekend. The Biden Administration seems to have been neutered in its ability to help steer any significant global events right now—and that is extremely dangerous.
In fact, some would argue that we helped Iran pay for the whole thing with the unfreezing of assets.
But all of this comes at a time when the only thing going for Joe Biden and the Democrats is the abortion issue in Arizona.
Nothing else is working; if you talk to people, that is exactly what they will tell you.

Of course, not long ago, they said they had everything under control. Just a week before the initial attack on Israel back in October, the administration was cheering that the Middle East was the most stable it had been in years.

However, some, like Donald Trump, are clear about where we stand and what we should do, which is project strength abroad.