In a move that could only be described as a political gift wrapped in absurdity, the Gateway Pundit reports that El Paso County Judge Ruben Morales waved his magic wand last week, dismissing riot charges against 140 illegal aliens who decided to stage their version of a border riot on April 12th.

When a riot isn’t a riot.

It’s like the circus came to town, but instead of clowns, we got a judge with a knack for letting chaos walk free. Because if you’re an illegal alien, apparently our laws do not apply to you.

We’ve seen that over and over again in our country lately with the result being that foreign criminals are allowed to walk through our streets, set free to vote Democrat at some point in the future.

These fine folks, who apparently missed the memo about “entering legally,” cut through the concertina wire like it was holiday ribbon and rioted their way right over the border.

Judge doesn’t see (or admit to) reality.

Judge Morales, however, seemed to think they were just out for a leisurely stroll, as he deemed there was about as much probable cause for their arrest for participating in a riot as there is for snowfall in the desert.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a total amnesty party. These merry migrants are still on Uncle Sam’s naughty list, facing federal charges for their illegal escapade into the land of the free.

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We all know how very important it is for the Biden administration to take illegal aliens to court and adios the criminals from our country – or in other words, don’t hold your breath because it won’t happen.

Second time it happened. How about a third?

And this isn’t the first time the El Paso judge has pulled a rabbit out of the hat for illegal aliens. He also waved goodbye to a motley crew of “migrants” from all corners of the globe, who in March, with a leap and a bound, decided to make a run for the border and plow down the National Guard who was in their way.

Illegal alien rioters safe from prosecution, Trump supporters not so much.

Meanwhile, in a twist that could only happen in the Upside-Down land of the Democrats, over a thousand January 6 defendants are cooling their heels in the clink for daring to step foot in the hallowed halls of the Capitol and doing things like “parading.”

Yes, if you’re a Trump supporter who takes a selfie in Pelosi’s office, you’re looking at a life sentence faster than you can say “double standard.”

So, let’s recap: if you’re an illegal alien (Democrat) storming the border, you get a pat on the back and a “good luck with those federal charges.” But if you’re a patriotic American waving a flag at the Capitol, well, you better start getting cozy with the prison library.

Democratic justice is no justice at all. In the land of the free, some are freer than others.