A recent visit by three individuals claiming to be FBI agents to a woman’s house in Oklahoma has raised serious concerns about the Biden administration’s position on freedom of speech.

An agent told the woman, “Facebook gave us a couple of screenshots of your account.”

An article in Townhall shows videos of the agents were reportedly there to question a woman about anti-Biden memes she had posted on Facebook. The woman who answered the door, understandably, chose not to engage with their inquiries, asserting a constitutional right to free speech on a social media platform.

FBI agents, apparently, are visiting people over Facebook posts all the time, they say.

One of the agents tells her in the video that they do this sort of thing “every day, all day long.” Good to know.
The agents also would not provide their ID credentials to her.

So were they just some leftist group out having fun – lunatics who decided to scare and harass someone who posted an anti-Biden meme? Or were they real agents? Either explanation is pretty scary.

Yes, they were real agents.

Fox News says that they were REAL FBI agents and that it was probably over a pro-Palestinian post (or two) concerning the war in Gaza.

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This kind of activity by the Biden FBI underscores a troubling trend of the politicization of the Department of Justice (DOJ), something that has been unfolding since the tenure of Eric Holder, appointed by President Obama. Usually they go after conservatives and Trump supporters but it looks like everyone is fair game now, especially during an election year.

Freedom of speech? What freedom of speech?

The intrusion into individuals’ freedom of expression raises questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to upholding the First Amendment. And guess what? They have NO COMMITMENT TO UPHOLDING THE FIRST AMENDMENT. Not when it comes to their political enemies and anyone who disagrees with them.

This visit is not an isolated incident either but rather part of a broader pattern of government overreach. The DOJ’s collaboration with social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, in censoring content deemed politically disagreeable, particularly conservative viewpoints, has been deeply concerning ever since the public found out what they’ve been up to. But it certainly hasn’t been surprising.

Additionally reports of FBI visits to the homes of pro-life activists raise concerns about the use of government agencies to intimidate and silence dissenting voices. Such actions not only undermine the principles of free speech but also erode trust in democratic institutions.

So while the Democrats whine and cry all day long about Trump destroying democracy, the Democrats ACTUALLY ARE actively destroying democracy.