In the midst of a nation divided by politics, plagued by uncertainty, and numbed by a constant stream of chaos, something emerged to captivate the hearts and minds of Americans: Eclipse Mania.

Without much positive news from day to day and nothing that really “unites” the country anymore, the American people fell under the spell of the media’s promotional efforts about the eclipse, making it some sort of must-attend occasion – although it was mostly for their ratings.

Eclipse Mania started slow and gained momentum like a freight train.

It began innocently enough, with a few news segments mentioning the upcoming solar eclipse – a celestial event where the moon would momentarily obscure the sun, casting a shadow over the land.

But as the date drew nearer, the media frenzy reached fever pitch. Every outlet seemed to jump on the bandwagon, touting the eclipse as the event of the century, a once-in-a- lifetime spectacle not to be missed. After all, a total solar eclipse hadn’t happened since 2017 and it’s not going to happen again until 2044.

Some good news to concentrate on was a welcome relief.

For a country grappling with deep-seated divisions and a collective sense of disillusionment…with millions of Americans trying to survive the Biden plague of rising crime, an immigration crisis and inflationary stresses…the prospect of something as exciting and unifying as a celestial event was too tantalizing to resist.

People who had never given astronomy a second thought found themselves caught up in the excitement, eagerly discussing eclipse viewing parties and making plans to witness the phenomenon firsthand.

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In small towns and big cities alike, preparations were underway. Eclipse glasses flew off the shelves as retailers struggled to keep up with demand. Hotels in prime viewing locations were fully booked as eager eclipse chasers scrambled to secure a spot.

Millions caught up in eclipse mania and many traveled the country for the best viewing spot.

Millions of people traveled around the country to get a better view of the event including more than 200K people who went to Niagara Falls.

Families spread out blankets in parks, friends clinked glasses at rooftop parties, and strangers struck up conversations as they waited for the magic moment to arrive.

The moment happens…

And then it happened. The sky darkened, the temperature dropped, and a hush fell over the crowd as the moon slid gracefully in front of the sun, transforming day into night for a fleeting but unforgettable moment.

Cheers erupted, cell phones took photos…and for those precious minutes, all differences were forgotten as people marveled at the beauty and wonder of the universe. In a country starved for unity and common ground, the eclipse provided a much-needed respite from the turmoil of everyday life.

Trump and Biden have to weigh in.

The eclipse was something that couldn’t be blamed on Trump or Biden – and something that neither could take credit for – although Trump released an “eclipse” campaign ad and Biden released a video on the importance of proper eye protection because Americans are a bunch of five-year-old imbeciles. Yes, they both have to comment about EVERYTHING.

I guess you could say it was a bright spot throughout our years and years of oppressive tyrannical Democratic rule and I really don’t begrudge anyone who got caught up in the momentary craze. But it’s just not my cup of tea. I generally don’t get involved in anything that is popular with the masses – in fact, I run away from such things.

Pizza is better.

So yesterday, while Michiganders marveled at the eclipse through their stylish glasses, I sat comfortably in my beloved pizza parlor, eyeing the Monday special topped with sausage. From my perspective, my view surpassed that of many others.

I win.