Democrats want to make the 2024 Election all about abortion—because that is all they have.

That’s why MSNBC and CNN are devoting almost 100% of their collective airtime to that one issue. The question is, with it taking over the conversation in Arizona, will it be enough to knock the GOP back and reward Democrats despite all of their failures across the board? 

We will have to wait and see what happens on that one.

However, on other issues, the news continues to be bad for Democrats and Team Biden.

Inflation numbers came out on Wednesday—and once again, they came in higher and hotter than what was being predicted.

And honestly, if you think inflation is fine or prices are down, you have not left the house in a long time.

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If Chicken Noodle News is panicked about the inflation numbers rising again, then the people who actually spend time on the business channel will also raise the red flag about what is happening and where we are going with all of this red ink.

And let me go through the shopping list with you and see if this financial pain sounds familiar—because there isn’t anything cheaper today than when Joe Biden got into office, except for illegal drugs like heroin and fentanyl flowing in across the wide open southern border.

Gasoline is up 47.8%
Groceries 21.1%
Going out for dinner a little bit worse 21.4%
Baby food will get you an additional 30.5%
Feeding Fluffy and Spot is getting tougher because the cost of feeding and taking care of your pets is on the rise, with pet food up by 23.7%

Rent jumped almost 21%
Electricity 28.3%
Natural Gas 26.9%
Used cars 20.9%
An airplane ticket is up 32.7%
Just taking the bus or train is up 22.2%

And here is the real kicker—not only is your money being eaten up by inflation, but your buying power is down 3.9%.

Unless Jerome Powell weaponizes the Fed and lowers rates for political reasons alone, the rates are not going to come down any time soon. Remember, we were told the rates were going to get cut a half-dozen times this year—and if that had been possible, it would have been a massive boost for Biden.

But that is becoming less likely every time inflation rises—and if you haven’t noticed, the price of oil, gas, and gold are all on the rise—and that is not good news for the incumbent party in Washington.

What I cannot figure out is why the administration and all of its lieutenants continue to sell the lie that everything is fine.
Don’t they understand that we all go shopping? That we buy food? We fill our cars with gas.

I realize none of the people in Washington do any of that because they live very privileged lives, but get a clue, people.
Remember, you don’t cause inflation, businesses do not cause inflation, unions don’t cause inflation, and climate change doesn’t cause inflation. The only thing that causes inflation is the government. The government causes inflation with reckless spending and printing.
And if we keep pursuing these same failing policies, it is going to get worse; you can bank on it!